Mar 25 2012

Welcome, Spring Equinox!

Miniature Horse filly with some spring fever

Required viewing for everyone!

Happy, Happy March, everyone! It’s an auspicious month, with a magical Leap Year beginning.  The cautious beginning of Spring, this month has brought everything from steal-your-soul winds to bizarre mid-Summer temperatures.  Fortunately, the weather has tempered back to a damp, slightly chilly, and earthy degree, so we have all the pomp and circumstance befitting the official-putting-away-of-winter-boots and the jubilant-wearing-of-duck-boots-and-wellies.  (I like to imagine this is all set to Cat Stevens’ “Morning Has Broken,” complete with Spring montages of birds trilling, green shoots unfurling, Canadian geese homeward-bound in “Flying V” formation, Stonehenge, allergies, people sweating profusely in too-warm coats, winter hobbit feet on full display in open-toed shoes, and the bright balls of light that are pale, pale limbs seeing the light of day for the first time in months.)

Not to get all yellow-daffodil-level-cliche here, but I really do feel like Spring is good for the soul, and there’s a certain magical sense of possibility and that something glorious and wonderful is really waiting Just Around the Corner.  While Winter carries her own winsome brand of enchantment, Spring is the season that makes one believe that every wonderful thing about the world exists, and is just around the corner.

Not to mention, Spring is Cadbury Creme Egg season in Canada.  In New Zealand, Cadbury Creme Egg season lasts for three months longer, so I was thoroughly spoiled.  Now, I’ve been reduced to being a scavenger, hunting for her next sickly-sweet sugary treasure.  In case you were labouring under the assumption that I could be the sort of person who buys a mountain of Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs, freezes them, and carefully rations them out, you’re labouring wrong.


Do you love Spring, or just like it as a friend?  What are your favourite things about Spring? What sorts of things do you anticipate Spring will bring for you?


Much love and did you know there’s such a thing as Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurries?




Oct 20 2011

Things I Love Thursday, October 20th 2011

tumblr_lqcr6mKuG21qebf0gOH HECK YES!

Greetings and salutations, my autumn ghostlings!

The glorious late summer season was fleeting, as it always is.  Seemingly overnight, we awoke to a crisp chill, V-shaped formations of migrating birds, and foliage so breathtaking that it compels us to pull over to the side of the road and stare in awe.  (I learned the hard way that driving very slowly on deserted country roads is not always appreciated by the people who suddenly appear in your rear view mirror).  For many of us, fall invokes feelings of change and fresh starts, long after our school days are  finished and we’re free from the tyranny of grammar exercise sheets.   For me, fall inspires me to tackle procrastination-city tasks, to concoct plans (and freak out!) for the end of the year, and to hustle a little more.  I mean, I willingly vacuum my mom’s decorative harvest wreaths, for gosh sakes! We scurry around and batter down the hatches in preparation for winter.  Our minds race wildly, too, as we enter Halloween season, and (less) people give you strange looks when you ask them if you want to share ghost stories.  The other seasons have their own charms, but autumn offers much more scope for the imagination.  Witches and ghostly apparitions for all! So, before it quickly disappears the way of late-summer, let’s revel in everything that this season has to offer us.  Here’s a list of my (somewhat autumn-related) treasures of the past while:

* Snuggling with my boyfriend after not seeing him for the past two-and-a-half weeks (people who have busy travel schedules or who are in long-distance relationships are rolling their eyes now).  Yes, I sound clingy, but it really is a wonderful feeling! He’s made some pretty exciting job and living arrangement changes, and I’m so happy that they’re reaping some pretty positive results.  OK- enough gushing!

* Looking forward to rock climbing this weekend. I’ve let myself settle into  bit of an exercise slump.  “Oh, I just loaded the dishwasher, so I’ve pretty much earned the right to bust into the Halloween sweets for three hours, and sit beside my parents to openly mock their love for ‘Three Men With Two-and-a-Half Brains Between Them.’”

* Fall TV. I know the constant re-runs in the summer are supposed to be a subtle reminder for us to go outside and do stuff, but I just found myself stubbornly remaining in front of the television, trying to pull mind-tricks and mentally will that the next episode be a re-run of “Criminal Minds” that I haven’t yet seen.  So happy that that trickery is over with in September! My favourite shows are “2 Broke Girls” and “New Girl,” although I have my reservations: “2 Broke Girls” stars Kat Dennings, who tops my list of “Let’s Be Friends and Have Some Beer” list, and she has great comedic chemistry with her lovely co-star, Beth Behrs.  However, some of the jokes try very hard to be witty and trendy, and land unceremoniously in “harsh and ignorant comments about immigrants” territory.  I do hope they cut it out, Uncle Jesse-style, or else I won’t be watching.

“New Girl” stars everyone’s favourite flawless angel, Zooey Deschanel, and I really like the way it’s turning out.  The only thing that has me calling shenanigans on that show is how the show’s marketing and, indeed, the three other male characters, act like Zooey D. somehow isn’t the hottest chick in their vicinity.  She’s supposed to be socially-awkward on the show, but it’s always endearing and no one is actually uncomfortable or wierded-out.   I also find it thoroughly bizarre how the press surrounding “New Girl” is all like “THIS IS A MILESTONE!  ARE WE READY FOR SOMEONE WHO LOOKS LIKE THIS TO BE ON MAINSTREAM TELEVISION?!?! ARE WE READY FOR SOMEONE WHO IS YOUNG, THIN, WHITE, AND ATTRACTIVE BY EVERY MEASURABLE STANDARD TO BE ON OUR TV SETS?!” Wait, what sort of people have we been watching dance, bicker in an operating room and solve crime dramas all this time?!  Why are they pretending that she’s this grotesque creature- -or, at the very least, unconventional in any way- -when she has a contract with Rimmel Cosmetics, for pete’s sake? I lump these people in with the same chuckleheads who tried to convince us that Tina Fey wasn’t pretty.

Wow.  I clearly have a lot of feelings about this…

* Unhinged ranting on the internet?

* Roasted pumpkin seeds!

Alright, I think I’ve confused and terrified everyone enough for this week’s edition of TILT.  What have you guys been swooning over lately?

Cheers over sugary spiced cider,


Sep 8 2011

Things I Love Thursday: Navel-Gazing Edition

4599694345_727cc9e102_oThanks to

No, no, I’m not going to clutter this post with MySpace-esque poses of me (duck-faced, gazing upwards, attempted expression of profound boredom and ennui, and dark-eyelinered) or with unnecessary Facebook updates like “Kylie Cumming ate porridge for breakfast. Yum! MY LIFE IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOURS!!!”

And now I’m hungry for porridge and ego trips.

The brain-rattlingly-awesome Mademoiselle Alexandra Franzen mused a little bit on Ye Olde Days of Past and Yore, when Ye Youth of Ye Olde Days of Past and Yore would continuously write lists along the lines of “~*~25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me~*~” and they would reveal such scintillating details like who they last spoke to on the telephone, whether they preferred kisses or hugs, and what they were doing an hour ago.   I decided to be a copy-cat, and write my own version of indulgent drivel- all while remembering the days before we realized that this was indulgent drivel and felt a sense of collective embarrassment.

Here are some things you may or may not care to know about Kylie J. Cumming:

* Last night, I helped deliver a baby calf who, given another minute in there, who have certainly died.  I’ll write some more on “Magic” and take some pictures of her soon!

* These navel-gazing things were my JAM in university- and not just first-year uni, when the high-school influence was still strong.  If I spent enough time and energy meticulously proof-reading my essays as I devoted to these “Getting to Know Meeeee” things, I would be a Rhodes Scholar a million times over.  Or something like that.

* I have a tooth that suddenly just up-and-quit.  It’s still there, although the root is calcified, but it’s protected by loads of sealant.  Hopefully, that will keep it from taking a long walk off a short plank anytime soon.

* My friend Ali and I once tried to convince our friend Kelly to drop heavy objects on us from great heights, in hopes of not having to write our exam.  Fortunately for our skulls, she kindly declined.  She is a good friend!

* I swear I really liked school, and was a keen student.  I swear!

* One time, my hand got stuck in an elevator door.

* The last person I talked to on the phone was my boyfriend.  Well, technically, I think I sent him a text about this very sad video on youtube, in which a cat was run over (they did not show that part) and his cat friend was trying to revive him.  There was a Spanish vocalist singing about (presumably, since my Spanish is limited to about four words) very sad things, and there were two dudes in the background, shootin’ the breeze, which served as a foil to reinforce how sad and tragic it was.  However.  However. The more I watched it, the more I realized that the live cat wasn’t trying to revive his cat friend; he was trying to mate with it.  I’m a farm girl, I know of these things. Okay, I’m not from a cat farm, but still.  So I shifted uneasily in my creaky chair, feeling bad for both the cats and the other viewers who were probably sobbing uncontrollably watching the video.  But I had to sit and watch the video (which had been re-looped) until the very end, because it somehow felt disrespectful to the dead cat’s memory to change to that Kelly Rowland video.  WHY AM I SO AWKWARD?!?!

* It took me a very long time to text that.

Alrighty, then! I think that’s enough navel-gazing for me today.  I have to stop myself, because I really could go on…and on…and on…

Receiving these sorts of quizzes and blog entries are quite fun, I think, because you can tell a lot about a person and their life through these little details.  Even the mundane details are fascinating to me.  How about you?  Do you find these sorts of things to be a nuisance or a welcomed nostalgia trip? Care to share some random details?  I’m all ears! We can pretend we’re on a camping trip and we’re playing the toilet paper game!

Cheers to you!


May 20 2011

Things I Love Thursday, May 19th 2011


Hello hello, long-lost friends!!

It’s been far too long since I’ve written anything new around here, although I’ve checked back often and stared longingly at the screen until I was sick of the St. Valentine’s Unicorn.   Even as I type this weak apology, I’m feeling this electric current of excitement at just being able to write again.   All has been well in these parts- no major catastrophes, disasters or black dogs- but I’ve been spending the last while being sliced and diced and put back together again (which is a fancy way of saying that I’ve spent the last little while readying myself for skin cancer surgery on the lower rim of my left eye, undergoing the two-day extravaganza, and being handily grafted and stitched up several times over.  I’m so happy to report that the cancer is gone like yesterday’s recycling, my eyesight hasn’t been damaged, the (previously unexpected) skin grafts took and are healing well, most of my eyelashes were saved (oh hey vanity!) and that I’m the luckiest kid around to have such a supportive and caring team of doctors, nurses, family, friends and boyfriend.  Simply put, my posse rules like Queen Victoria.  She also rules).  I’m not quite out of the woods yet, for I’m undergoing this cream treatment that targets basal cell cancers that are new to the scene, and those that are still in the nefariously-plotting-schemes phase.  The Oh! Hallelujah! news is is that the cream is working- thanks in large part to my little brother, who keeps me on track and jokes with me that part of my face and neck looks like a scene from a Sci-Fi rip-off movie.  Like the Holy Fool (thanks, Gaga) I am, I vastly underestimated the amount of recovery time it would take to get back to true Kylie-form, and didn’t think it was worth writing a “Heads up! Things are going to be a little slow around here for a little while and here’s a little explanation why”-type post, since I was just going to be tired for a day or two and then after that I’d be juuusssst fiinnnneeee, right?

So, I send my apologies and my gratitude to all of you who are still kicking around like so many beautiful tumbleweeds- -I appreciate you like whoa!!! (Um, Emily Post would likely have a slightly more eloquent way of expressing her thanks).

What better way to make a glorious return back to The Height of Life than to start off with a TILT- a collection of all the tiny and all the monumental lovely bits of life that make it worth living and worth celebrating!  It seems that my Things I Love Thursday offering is already well underway, considering the first few opening paragraphs, so here are a few more morsels:

* Looking at the tumblrs that have photoshopped celebrities with no eyebrows, looking at the tumblrs that have photoshopped celebrities with no noses, and combining the two in my brain.  Don’t look at me as if I’m some sort of weirdo: you have to make your own fun! Fine, I am that weirdo.

* After a solid dsfwjh2r03483824 days of rain, including devastating floods in different parts of the country, it is finally gorgeous weather out here.   Sunny, but not sweltering.  You don’t need boots, but you still need a thin coat. Perfect!  And much more importantly, let’s hope and work together so that these floods return from whence they came.

* One of my oldest and dearest friends had a baby!  On Easter! Welcome to the world, Maggie-Mae!  We’re so happy you’re here!

* Surprise pizza!! The “surprise” and “free” aspects made it that much more delicious!

* Looking in the pantry/the internet/magazines and dreaming up all the fancy-pants and actually edible meals I could make, then shutting the pantry door.  Of course, I don’t actually make these meals.  It’s just nice to think that I *could* make them, if I had the inclination or capability.

Alrighty, it’s your turn!  What’s making you all googley-eyed this week?

Much love to you,


Jan 7 2011

Things I Love Thursday, January 6th 2011


….Yeah, I totally typed that as “2010″ at first…

Glittery greetings and sunshiney salutations, everyone!!  Welcome to 2011, and I hope you’ve all had a wonderful, promising start to it.   Yes, yes, every single day holds the potential for fresh beginnings, but there’s just something so symbolic and satisfying about using the new year to push the dregs of the old year out the door and usher in a dazzling new start, full of potential and promise.   Plus, an opportunity to wear cardboard and/or rhinestone hats and play with kazoos is fine and dandy with me!  This year is going to be a banner one for The Height of Life, and there are all sorts of features in the pipeline that will entertain you, inspire you, make you think a bit, and maybe even make you laugh your rear off, so let’s kick it all off with a healthy shot of gratitude, eh?

* Having a perfect New Year’s Eve.  I don’t know about you, but NYE has often been a source of stress.  Like really amateur fortune tellers,  we often heap such wild expectations on it- -”If you don’t do xyz on New Year’s, you’ll have a *teerrrrrible* upcoming year”- -and still manage to be surprised! And shocked! when it all collapses under the weight of our expectations.  Mind you, I’ve usually had a good time, but my stress and anxiety leading up to the date was always unnecessary.  This year, my Special Man Friend (is that term endearing or creepy?  Truthfully, it’s a little creepy, isn’t it?  I think I better come up with a less-creepy, privacy-protecting term for him sometime soon.  Any ideas?) and I chose to relax at his place, rather than navigate through the hordes of revellers outside.  We drank fancy chocolate drinks, talked, laughed, cuddled, wore party dresses (fine, fine, that was just me), and, of course, watched “Buffy.”  I can’t think of a better way to celebrate!  Aw, between Hellmouths and alcohol, this year is going to be spectacular!!  

* Discovering a new (and fantastic) shawarma place very close to SMF’s house!  It’s a fierce rival to Cedars in the food court of Cornwall’s greatest (and only full-size) shopping mall, Cornwall Square, and that’s one delicious battle in which I would like to partake.

* Basking in the glow of a wonderful Christmas.  It always goes by so quickly, and there is always so much preparation leading up to it, but it is always so worth it. 

* Playing Secret Santa, but minus the chimney business and reindeer games. 

* My out-of-this-world-awesome cousin Emily having a magical, memorable, “best day of my life”-style wedding at the end of this December.  We are so, so proud and thrilled for you!!  A very regal, elegant, foufy-white-dressed high-five to you and Rebecca!!

* Wearing the right amount of leather in the form of a jaw-droppingly beautiful leather jacket.  Add in a trajillion bonus points of extra-meaningful-ness, since it was a Christmas present from my wonderful SMF.  Don’t worry, dear readers, I will keep the gushing to a minimum!  I keep prancing around in it, posing in front of reflective surfaces, imagining that I’m Joan Jett or Joan of Arc, and petting it reverently. 

* Had another skin cancer surgery by my left eye this past Tuesday, and despite a few unexpected twists (Oh hai! Surprise! Skin graft! Ahahahahaha!), it generally went pretty smoothly.   My ”Kylie-as-perpetually-calm-and-brave-and-cheerful” armour was cracked a bit, allowing the “Kylie-as-fidgety-and-panicky-and-terrified” to seep in.  Fortunately, I am so, so lucky to have such exceptional doctors and nurses on my team (or I’m on theirs, more likely), as well as my always-lovely Aunt Rosann.  And I had two hot chocolates!  

Much love and holiday cheer that’s been pushed back to the recesses of the fridge to you!


Nov 26 2010

Things I Love Thursday, November 25th ’10


While most people are posting pictures of turkey and stuffing today, I thought I’d mix it up by posting some pictures from a recent editorial featuring Iekeliene Stange.  Turkey-ta, turkaa-ta.  I feel it’s incredibly fitting that Things I Love Thursday falls on American Thanksgiving, and it’s the perfect reminder that the spirit of gratitude is something to be cultivated the entire year.  So let’s jump in the gravy boat of gratitude!  (Yes, I’m fully aware that this makes no sense and actually sounds kinda painful.  Second-degree-burn inducing, at the very least). 

* Being so fortunate to have participated (read: eaten) three separate Thanksgiving meals with loved ones on Canadian Thanksgiving (we try to make sure we get all the harvest-y scenery and foliage (“foilage,” if you’re Marge Simpson) in, so we celebrate our Turkey Day a wee bit earlier, in October).   In honour of my sister, who is home from teacher’s college in the States, we’ll also have a big family meal this Saturday.   It will be a meal of turkey and turkey friends, not family members.   

* Prince William.  Kate Middleton.  Engaged.  Modern enchantment.   Temporarily forgetting casting off the shackles of Imperialism.  Four-day holiday.   Rejoice!  Today-Kylie graciously wishes them all the happiness in the world, and commends them on their mix of romance and pragmatism, but thirteen-year-old-royally-smitten-Kylie is in a bit of a snit!  Like the proud Commonwealth country we are, Canada is eating all this up with a spoon.  Alas, not a silver spoon.

* One thing that really struck me while reading about William and Princess Shiny-Hair’s engagement was that the prince had proposed a month earlier, while on holiday with friends in Kenya.  Therefore, their friends knew about this explosive news story, but not one of them ratted them out to the media.  What excellent, excellent choice in friends!  So I’m also thankful for my wonderful friends, whom I’m sure would also never inform the media if I were secretly engaged to Prince William.

* Pants with an elastic waistband.

*Making elaborate birthday plans….ooooh in a fortnight I’ll be 27!!!  That’s still mid-twenties, right?  Right?

* Coming down with a serious case of the Christmas spirits!!

* Spending quality time watching episodes of “Buffy” and the surprisingly good spin-off “Angel” with the super-awesome Special Man Friend.

And that about sums up my TILT: American Thanksgiving Version.  As things start gettin’ all festive up in here, I wish you all much happiness, love, peace and easily-accessible parking spots at the mall.

Much love and holiday cheer to you,


Nov 4 2010

Things I Love Thursday, November 3rd ’10


Lovely Day of the Dead image courtesy of  I highly recommend her tumblr, it’s a treasure trove of hauntingly beautiful images!

Hello, my ghostlings! 

I hope you’ve all had a spooktacularly spectacular Hallowe’en, and that you’ve had a week largely spent in a sugar-induced coma!  I’ve come across all sorts of thrilling stuff that has brightened my week, so let’s get to it!

* Reading all about the history and traditions behind Day of the Dead, Samhain, All Saint’s Day and All Soul’s Day.  Makes for fascinating reading, and is a wonderful way to transition into November.  Get thee to Wikipedia!

* Watching Hocus Pocus!  One of my favourite childhood movies (featuring the one and only Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and Sarah  Jessica Parker!) and one that is legitimately spooky.   Incredibly entertaining, this movie is actually one for all seasons.   In short, this movie helped raise me. 

* Sugar highs and sugar comas!

* Helping to plan an extravagant Christmas Marketplace that’ll look so Dickensy, Dickens would be jealous!

* Butter tart pie.  BUTTER. TART. PIE.

* Being starred on Jezebel!!!  Surely, this is what being knighted or receiving the Order of Canada must feel like.   What an honour has been bestowed upon me!

* Brace yourselves: My little sister gave me the rest of her Hallowe’en candy.  Yes, you read correctly.  What an amazingly kind gesture!  Completely voluntary.  Completely out-of-the-blue.  Not to mix holiday metaphors, but my heart just grew three sizes!


And so concludes my list of this week’s pleasures.  What are the brightest and shinest snippets of your week?

Cheers to you!


Oct 21 2010

Things I Love Thursday, October 21st ’10


Ohhh…Ian Curtis.  You were a tortured genius who made some of the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard.  Also? You were pretty dreamy.

Huzzah! It’s Thursday!! (Now *that* was a strange shift from thinking about Ian Curtis and feeling melancholy).  It’s time to take our noses from the grindstone (err…figuratively…wouldn’t that be really bad for allergies? Or something akin to miner’s lung?), take a look around (use some eye drops if need be) and revel in all the wonderful, special things that make life so gosh darn wonderful and special!  Here’s my list, brace yourselves!

* Feeling melancholy about Ian Curtis.  Sometimes, a little light melancholy is necessary.  Maybe not so much in an uncontrollable-weeping kind of way, but more in a purposefully-listening-to-sad-songs kind of way, or even creating a “Sad Songs” playlist or mix CD?  I feel like there’s a subtle distinction here, but maybe the subtle distinction is that I’m nuts.

* Eating a frickin’ amazing sandwich that was made with homemade bread.  For the love of yams, it was so frickin’ good!!

* Not to jinx myself, but I’ve been driving in a large (or at least compared to my hamlet) city, and even during peak traffic hours, and things have been going pretty smoothly!  I rely heavily on my TomTom GPS, though.  Otherwise, this would be an addition for a “Things I Hate Thursday” type of list.

* Hot chocolate all the time, for any occasion.

* It’s autumn, and you know what that means! Buffy marathons!! Alas, I’ve come pretty late to the sheer knock-your-socks-off win that is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and have only seen random episodes or snippets in the past.  But now? Now, I am fully committed to watching each and every episode in all its glory.  Mucho thanks to SPF for encouraging/enabling this addiction, and for watching them with me, and to our friend Heather, who lent us all her DVDs.  Happy Birthday, and you rule!!

* The rare millisecond that my eyes are not glued to the screen, watching Buffy, I like to prance around in the autumn weather.   Thanks, autumn!  You’ll always be around, right?  … Right?

* Fantastic birthday dinners for old friends and heaping slices of ice-cream cake!!

* An epic three-person friend reunion this weekend!!!! It is long-overdue and even more highly-anticipated.  For the love of decorative gourds, I am so frickin’ excited!!! I’m imagining matching tattoos of dragons on our backs.  Or eating lunch.  It could go either way.

* Encouraging and supporting (either financially or good-vibes-y) people who are committed to making a difference in the world, and who are making the world an infinitely better place in their own special way.

* Shout-out to my dad!  It’s his birthday tomorrow!! Happy Birthday, Dad!! He doesn’t really know how to use computers, nor does he care to learn.  He also has mixed feelings toward the internet, and most of his time is spent telling me to get off it before my face is fused to the screen (like, I don’t think that’s *science*, dad), but maybe, by some miracle, he’ll see this?  In any case, I think he’ll appreciate the shout-out, and will appreciate ice cream cake even more.

Now is the time for me to go foraging for sandwiches, so now it’s your turn to share your TILT list!  What has been making you go all swoony this week.  I’m bracing myself, I can handle it.

Cheers to you!


Oct 6 2010

Things I Love Thursday, October 6th ’10

procrastinator award

Thanks, Allie! You know me better than life itself!

My dear remaining readers,

I’m so sorry I’ve let this website lie fallow for the past three months.  It has been a Crazy/Busy past few months, and not necessarily in a “CrazySexyCool”  TLC kinda way either.  I’ve had a touch of the nomads, and so I’ve been travelling a little bit, and there’s been a touch of the job-huntings, and a touch of the hectic families.   Does that last sentence make sense to anyone?  No?  Me neither.  I guess the main thing is that all has settled down, the chaos has subsided for a bit, and The Height of Life is back from the dead and ready for action!! (Er…I didn’t necessarily mean that in a “sexy zombie” kinda way, although it *is* October and Hallowe’en fast approacheth).   For those of you still kicking around, I salute you and am eternally grateful to you.  I promise never to abandon you like this again!  I am the Joan Crawford of webmasters, it seems. Well, minus the coat hangers.

To get back into the swing of things, let’s re-awaken The Height of Life with some fresh brains gratitude, shall we?  Yes, yes, it’s technically not Thursday yet here in my little Canadian nook of the world, but it’s Thursday in New Zealand!  Terry Bellefleur is one of my very favourite characters in True Blood, and not least for statements like the following: “I feel so lucky and so grateful, I could split in half.”  In that spirit, let’s get the wagon rolling for this Wednesday edition of TILT:

* Ah, autumn is creeping up on us like a lemur in a party hat.  (Do lemurs..creep?  Do lemurs… live in parts of the world where there is autumn?  What kinds of party hats do they prefer?  I’ll know what I’ll be doing later this afternoon).

* The anticipation of reading all about lemurs on Wikipedia this afternoon.  Oooh the excitement!

* Oh, autumn weather, with your clear crisp mornings and your awe-inspiring foliage and your thick Fall/Winter fashion spreads.  You make me want to eat apples, wear tights, and drive every day like I’m a Sunday driver!

* Never mind that I don’t actually like tights that much, what with the inevitably saggy crotch and other fit issues.  Also, tights are itchy! Itchy Itchy Itchy!  Ok- it appears as though a seven-year-old version of Kylie has high-jacked the body of current Kylie.

* At least seven-year-old Kylie has shown a remarkable command of the keyboard, with far less typos than current Kylie.  Here’s hoping that creepy-child-body-possessor-Kylie is a benevolent creepy child body-possessor…

* Friends and family that not only put up with my inane ramblings (please see above sentence…and I use the word “sentence” loosely) but even pretend to enjoy them!

* A specific shout-out to my good friend, Debbie, who gave me the much-needed kick in the behind to get back to writing again!  Thanks, Debbie!  You rule!!

* Meeting my Special Man Friend who is prettttty super-awesome!!!  Alright, alright- I do promise not to drone on and on about this, and will spare you and the rest of the internet from the fresh, exciting gory details, but he most certainly deserves a mention.   Yay!

* Having a seamless skin cancer surgery a few days ago, and the privilege of working with a top-notch team whose compassion, hilarity and expertise are second-to-none.  They are a team of champions who make me feel like a rockstar every time I step inside the hospital, even though my pants are usually a tad too short and not made of leather.   Pubs…hospitals…it seems there are many places to be “a regular,” haha.

* That feeling when you do a major overhaul of your room, and you realize how bright and beautiful and airy it is.  And then you proceed to spend the next hour and a half twirling around in the brand new space cleared up from moving your Michael Jackson commemorative magazines to another location…also inside your room.

And thus concludes this very special, very Wednesday edition of TILT.  What sorts of marvelous things have got you doing your own crazy-happy dance this week?

Much love to you all,

Kylie, Divine Lord of the Universe (well, soon to-be)

Jun 25 2010

Things I Love Thursday, June 24th ’10


Tralala!  It’s time for Things I Love Thursdaaaayyy!!  I hope you’ve all been having a spectacular week so far, and are ready to spill all the great things, big and small, that you’re grateful for.  Let the gratitude commence!

* Driving lessons with my little sister.  I gave her her very first driving lesson this week, and she handled it like a champ!  It was completely spontaneous, but the experience was completely shrieks-of-terror-free.  We arrived home forty minutes late, with smiles of elation on our faces.  As Marissa pointed out, it was an Official Sibling Bonding Moment.

* I may or may not be watching old episodes of True Blood and loving it!  Yes, yes, perhaps it’s not the most productive use of my time, but to paraphrase John Lennon, time spent doing activities you like and that interest you is never time wasted.  Or at least that’s what I tell my nagging conscience.  Plus, it’s pretty nice to start my day off with vampires. 

* Prancing around in purple leggings to Ye Olde One-Hit-Wonders of the ’90s.  No explanation needed, I think.

* Having a great visit with my Aunt Rosie (of the aforementioned adventuress fame), and hearing all about her adventures on the road and all our relatives they visited along the way.

* Beautiful sunshiney days and sleepy rainy nights.

* Realizing that there’s much more to my summer than just trying to pay off loans.   I’m much happier if I take my nose off the grindstone once in a while and take a little break and see my friends.  My dreams and my bank account aren’t going to completely collapse if I plan to spend money on a really good lunch or go out to a movie every now and then.   No, I’m not advocating spending money mindlessly, or on stuff you really don’t need.  I’m just saying that a draconian ”Don’t spend annnnny money.  AT ALL!” budget kinda chafes a bit.  Unnecessary misery. You know? 

Alright, that sums up my TILT list for this week!  What’s making you scream (in joy, terror, confusion, malaise) this week?


Cheers to you!