Jun 19 2010

Things I Love Thursday, June 17th ’10


OH. MY. GOD.  I know I have a slight tendency to exaggerate, but seriously? ManBaby is simultaneously the best and the worst thing I have ever found on the internet in my entire life.  I- I can’t breathe.  I scroll down and shriek my head off, yet can’t look away- -or resist posting this picture.  Thanks for the hilarity and the nightmares, Awkward Family Photos!

So, on that note of revulsion and fascination, it’s time again for the internet sensation known as Things I Love Thursday!!  Look back on the week and conjure up everything- -from the grandest of Big Deals to the smallest of simple pleasures- – and write about them in your blogs, journals, top-secret diaries, pad of Post-It notes or in the only functioning stall in the girl’s bathroom.   And you’re welcome- nay, encouraged!- to write or post the link to your TILT list in the comments section here.  Don’t just stand there, let’s get to it.  Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it. Vogu- -er, TILT! TILT! TILT! TILT!

* Season Three of True Blood is back in business! Further adventures with Sooock-eh, Vampire Beeehl, heart-stoppingly gorgeous Vampire Eric, my soon-to-be-favourites Pam, Jason and Terry and hands-down favourite, Lafayette. This show is such campy Southern Gothic fun, with very current socio-political overtones, and the first episode did not disappoint.  I wish I could get away with calling people “hooker” like Lafayette does.  I wish I could be Lafayette.  Err…sometimes.  Mostly I just want his vocabulary, stylin’ outfits and general awesomeness.

* Calling friends at work, using their official phone lines and hearing them sound all professional before they realize it’s you.  There was elevator music and everything! 

* Premature TILT entry, but I have high expectations for the funnery that will be my friends Chris and Ginny’s stag party tonight!!  I think the whole community will be there, and it should be prime time for merry-making!  Okay, it’s a party Kylie, not the friggin’ Ye Olde Renaissance Faire.  Get this: There’s even an after-party bus!  If I am a quarter as organized for my (future hypothetical) wedding as Ginny is for her’s, I’ll be so on top of my game, it’ll be edging into professional-wedding-planning-show-on-Bravo territory!

* Surprising my parents with lunch.  It was one of those small gestures that can make your entire day – and no disrespect to leftovers, but having a full-time fancy lunch rather than scavenging around in the fridge rules!


* My aunt and uncle are back from an epic road trip adventure.  They drove to California and then to Calgary and hit up a billion places in between.  We’re all looking forward to hearing all their travel stories (they always have great ones!)

* My brand-spankin’ new rockstar resume, courtesy of the ridiculously awesome Alexandra Franzen.  Not going to lie, I spent an awful lot of time just patting the computer in awe with a silly grin on my face.  I may or may not have busted out some power ballads.    Thanks, Alex!

And lo I have reached the end of my Super-Saturday-Edition of TILT!  What’s making you belt out ’80s classics this week?




Jun 10 2010

Things I Love Thursday, June 9th ’10

tumblr_l15zurWJSf1qzyrwvo1_500Oscar Wilde reminds us yet again why he is Oscar Wilde and we are not. 

Image courtesy of aromaleigh.tumblr.com

Greetings and salutations!

It’s been some week, and I hope that you’ve been having a great one, too.   It’s that time again when we get all thankful and moony over all the great things that have happened to us this past week, and we spill it all out in the form of Things I Love Thursday.  Kind of like when you spill maple syrup on snow, and it hardens into toffee so delicious that it’s totally worth breaking several braces and retainer wires over- -angry orthodontist be damned! 

“Don’t Stop Believing” came on the radio three different times yesterday, and I was able to perform an epic car song and dance routine to each of them.   I like to imagine that the horrified onlookers were not actually horrified, but were just really, really appreciative of my artistic interpretation of this delicate ’80s classic. 

* There’s this man who has a horse who looks uncannily like my old horse, Sir Legacy.  The horse and the man live on the edge of town, and the man will ride him right into town.  Right into town!  The horse is incredibly well-behaved, and charms the pants off (um, not literally) everyone he comes across.  He doesn’t even hog the sidewalk!  The horse attracts huge crowds of onlookers, especially me.  This horse needs to have his own Facebook fan page, and all the carrots his heart desires.

* Feeling more optimistic and confident than I have in ages about the job-hunting process, thanks to a resume design jam session with bright young thing Alexandra Franzen.  She’s a resume, design and organization mastermind, and will help put a stop to your resume agony.

* A wonderful night out with a great group of longtime friends.  Delicious suppers and fantastic catch-ups- -is there anything else a girl can ask for?      

* Oh yes- a trip to Costco before aforementioned delicious supper!  I went in claiming that I didn’t need anything…and went out with a giant bag of jelly beans, some croissants, mango slices and an industrial-sized container of ice tea mix.  Life necessities, you know?  “It’s a dress…in a bag….”

* Lip-synching to songs from “Glee.”  One of my personal favourites is “Defying Gravity,” as sung by Chris Colfer (“Kurt Hummel.”)  What an amazing range!  Goosebump-inducing! I hope he gets more solos next season.  Kurt is one of my favourite characters on the show, and I think his, Sue’s and Brittany’s one-liners are some of the snappiest in television. 

And with that, I’m off to prance around to “Defying Gravity” for eleventy-billion more times.  What made your TILT list?  What’s been giving you mad maple syrup cravings this week? 



May 27 2010

Things I Love Thursday, May 27th ’10

ianmckellenA young Sir Ian McKellen….WHOA.  Just…WHOA.

*eleventy-million years later, finally stops staring dreamily into my computer screen, commences with this week’s TILT droolfest*

Alright kids!  This week’s been a pretty grand week as far as things to be psyched about, and I hope it’s the same for you.  Without further babbling and ado, here’s what’s making me mighty thankful this week: 

* I am thankful for Sir Ian McKellen.  If you somehow remain unconvinced, I present you with further proof of his awesomeness.

* I am thankful for the mad props that my lovely friend Anne (who set me up with this here WordPress, by the by) gave me on her blog.  Alfalfa Anne is a magical mecca for horse lovers, and collects all the very best horse imagery on the web into one sweet feed.  Alas, I can’t take credit for that pun.  Anne is also a pun master.  Pun MASTER, I tell you!

* I am thankful for the television show “Battles B.C.”   Outside, spring has sprung, morning has broken, life begins anew- yadda yadda yadda.  There are puppies and bunnies and lilac bushes and baby calves, but not even their powers of cuteness combined can tear me away from my slouched position in front of the computer, because this show is so frickin’ good.  As the name suggests, it’s all about ancient battles, and you needn’t be a war nerd like myself to enjoy it, because this show is full of unintentional hilarity and so much interesting trivia.  It’s ridiculous!  I’m so grateful to my friend for telling me about this show, I should probably give him my seventh-born child or something.  Of course, I can’t tell him that to his face, because it’ll come off as creepy and wierd, so I’ll just announce it to everyone on the entire internet, instead.

* I am thankful for exciting summer reunion plans!  My friend is making a glorious return to my neck of the woods this summer, all the way from her home court of Trinidad!! We haven’t seen each other in a few years, so I’m ridiculously excited!!  As I type this, I realize that I actually haven’t confirmed with her that I’ll be around, so I better get on that…

* I am thankful for the wonderful wedding that will happen this weekend.  My friends Adam and James are truly frickin’ magnificent, and deserve every single great thing the world has to offer!!

 So there you have it.  Short, but so sweet it’ll make your teeth ache.  What fantastic happenings and thrilling things have made the final cut in your TILT list this week?   Ponies?  Skateboards?  Haunted houses?  Haunted horses?  Spill, please!



May 21 2010

Things I Love Thursday, May 20th ’10


I’m afraid I don’t know who is responsible for this masterpiece of hilarity, but if you’re out there and reading this- -marry me?

Alright, folks!  Brace yourselves for the truckload of joy that is Friday’s edition of Things I Love Thursday.  A day late, but never a dollar short!  I only have myself and last night’s season finale of “Gray’s Anatomy” to blame.  WHOA.  SO FRIGGIN’ GOOD.  TRUST ME ON THIS, I AM WRITING IN CAPLOCKS.  I haven’t watched the show in months, maybe even years, but last night I was immediately reunited with my favourite Dr. Cristina Yang and the rest of the gang, and was sobbing like a regular within minutes.  Let’s get started on our weekly TILT joyfest before I start tearing up again and trying to blame it on imaginary onions:

* Lilac season!  Lilac bushes everywhere are in full bloom, and wafts of perfumed air are following me wherever I go (or so I like to pretend).  Why can’t we have lilac-scented deodorant?  Laundry soap?  Why does lavender get prime billing on the heavenly-outdoor-smells market?  All troubling questions, perhaps best saved for another time. 

* Classy, classy drunken e-mails from my friend.  He used the word “inebriated,” and even spelled it properly!  Most people can’t spell that word even when they’re sober.  A class above, for sure.

* Doing yardwork and farm chores, and being paid for them.  Hustlin’ like a sixteen-year-old, I am.

* Listening to angry-teenage-boy-music while doing said yardwork.   Less “listening” and more “rocking out” and “surly expressions.”

* Arranging a possible consulting position for yours truly… Ooooh!  More hustling!

* Delicious steak suppers and grilled veggies.  And a million chocolate fudge cookies for breakfast, lunch, brunch, lupper and dessert!

Alright, ’tis time for me to wind up my TILT list for this week (that’s a strange-sounding sentence, and I feel as though it should be said with an Irish accent).  What’s making you Irish dance (like our cat-friend Poochie) with glee this week?

Much love to you,


May 14 2010

Things I Love Thursday, May 13th ’10



‘Ello, poppets!  ‘Tis time for this week’s Things I Love Thursday and perhaps it’s time for me to stop pretending I’m a Victorian street urchin.  Or not.

* Alas, the glorious 14th “cycle” of “America’s Next Top Model” has drawn to a close, with surprising or not so surprising results.  I was hoping that the girl who was raised in a cult would have made it a bit further in the cycle, but I don’t really know what that says about me- nor do I want to know.  For the travel portion of the cycle, the top 5 model-wannabes flew to majestic New Zealand in their hopes of becoming (*makes serious face*) America’s. Next. Top. Model.  I lived for six months (2008-2009) in a wee town in the middle of the North Island called “Waiouru,” and I can tell you that there is no shortage of artistic inspiration for photoshoots.   Practically every frickin’ second is an amazing opportunity for a photoshoot in that country.  Most of my best stuff happened in the underground of The National Army Museum (I was an intern there), so I can only imagine the outtakes from the ANTM gang.  To my crushing disappointment, Jermaine and Bret from Flight of the Conchords didn’t make an appearance, and so I’ve included a rather dandy pic of the two of them here.  Jermaine’s got air! 

* Getting massive e-mail updates from old friends.  I know a lot of people don’t like getting mass update e-mails, but you know what I say to all of that?  Haters to the left.  To the left, I say! Chances are really likely that what you’re doing at that very moment is less entertaining than reading a hilarious and gossip-filled (the good kind of gossip) update.   Unless you consider laundry to be massively entertaining, in which case I say good for you.

 * Snuggling up in your bed and watching deliciously trashy television shows on your laptop.  The novelty never really wears off, does it?

* Top-secret missions to…Dairy Queen!  “Badassery” just so happens to be my middle name.

* Watching a brand new episode of “Criminal Minds” with my mom.  There’s no better mother-daughter bonding time like time spent taking in gory displays of violence and contemplating the possibility of psychotic serial killers lurking all around us.  Cheery!  Matthew Gray Gubler just also happens to be my imaginary boyfriend, so there’s that, too.  Let no one deny that I’m an excellent imaginary girlfriend.  Ummm….speaking of “psychotic and delusional”…

* You know when you haven’t washed your hair in a couple of days and then you have the best shower ever, use your favourite shampoo and you lather, rinse AND repeat?  Awesome!  Basic hygiene is probably even more awesome, Kylie.  Get on that.

* My sister discovered a cheque written out to her for a rawwwther princely sum of money.  Take the feeling you get when you find a fiver scrunched up in the pocket of your winter coat, and times it by a kajillion.

Alright, it’s your turn!  What’s making you speak in funny accents this week? 

Cheers to you!


Apr 29 2010

Things I Love Thursday, April 29th ’10


Unfortunately, I do not know who took this picture, but it never fails to make me ridiculously happy

Hiya, Pony Pals!

I hope you’ve been having the most fantastic week to end all Aprils!  Holy friggin’ macaroni, there are tons of things that are making me jump up and down in excitement, so let’s begin!

* Feeling sick- BUT- hear me out- -in the privacy of my home, where I can wear pajamas that say “Sugar Mama” on them and writhe around and dramatically screech “Oh my internal organs!!” to my heart’s content.  How awful and awkward would it be if this was going down on my very first day of work, in an extremely busy office, and I haven’t met my new co-workers yet?  Awk-ward.  Needless to say, I’m not literally jumping up and down today.

* Updating my resume.  Yes, it seems like a simple task, but the reality is is that I’ve been prolonging it for months.  Months.  I fear I’m not yet the go-getter I want to be.  I’d putter around on the fringes, changing something here and adding something there, but this past week I finally put the finishing touches on it.  Freedom!!

* Birthday Week!  My little sister, Marissa, and my little brother, Callum, were born on April 28th and 30th, respectively.  You know what this means?  Tons of birthday cake and presents!!!  Thanks for being born, guys!  Congratulations on being so great, with or without birthday cake.

* My grand Toronto reunion that starts…tomorrow!!!  I’m so looking forward to seeing mi amigos!  *falls over from the excitement*

* Morrissey’s music video for “Tomorrow.”    My love for the Moz is an obsessive enduring kind of love, and I’ve been listening to this particular song non-stop all the live long day, all the live long week.  The video was shot all in one go (only Moz could pull off this daring feat), and my favourite part is when he accidentally slips up about a minute and 7 seconds into the video.  His facial reaction is priceless! 

* People saying just the right things at just the right moment when you need it the most.

So, what’s been making your hearts go pitter-patter this week? Spill! Share! Please!


Cheers to you!


Apr 22 2010

Things I Love Thursday, April 23rd ’10


Vivienne Westwood is simply extraordinary, isn’t she?

Oh Mylanta, it’s time for Things I Love Thursday again!  This week has flown by quickly, and there are lots of wonderful things to be jazzed about.   Let’s not tarry any longer, shall we?

* Prancing around in the morning (and noon and afternoon and dusk and evening and midnight) to “Flawless (Go to the City)” by George MichaelBut you already knew that.

* Having a delicious potluck supper with good friends and then taking the first hot tub dip of the season.  It was definitely one for the ”ahhh, this is the life” kind of moment books.  Thanks to the heat and the water jets, I no longer felt my usual feeling of wanting to rip my entire spine out with my bare hands.  Um, hurrah!  There were even leftover cookies for me to take home.   To mix bakery metaphors, it was truly the icing on the cake.

* Gorging myself on chocolate-covered almonds.  They are one of my, admittedly, many weaknesses.  I friggin’ love it when school fundraisers roll around, because then my chocolate-covered-almond-eating is for a good cause, and I feel all noble and stuff.  Philanthropy in action, you know.

* Planning my trip to Toronto for the end of this month!!!!! Hurray!!!!  Some of my dearest friends who are scattered all over the globe are coming together for a reunion!!!!  I feel that there aren’t enough exclamation points in the world to express how excited I am!!  Alas, my trip will only be a whirlwind of a weekend, but it will an entire weekend full of shenanigans and quality bonding time.   I’m also looking forward to seeing friends whom I haven’t seen in the longest time.  (Whoa- oa-oa).   Hurray, Hurray, Hurrah. 

* Pants with elastic waistbands.  No need to explain here.

* Wonderful tales about faraway prairie adventures from my beloved cousin

* Cathartic writing and much-needed words of advice, humour and commiseration from my friends.   To steal a quote from my kick-ass and dapper friend Adam, my choice in friends is one of my very best qualities. 

Awwwww.  On that note, what things this week have tickled your heartstrings?  (I am pure poetry).

Cheers to you!


Apr 15 2010

Things I Love Thursday, April 15th ’10



Hello, hoodlums!

I hope you’ve all been having a wonderful week so far, and have a lot to be thankful for.  Ugh- that last line sounds like a threat, like “You BEST be GRATEFUL, or ELSE!!!”  Anyway, here’s my non-threatening list of non-threatening things to be thankful for, in a non-threatening way:

* Having a wonderful late-lunch date with my friend/third cousin (hey, it’s a small town) at Tim Horton’s, which is basically a Canadian mecca.  It was one of those times when the conversation and the company is so great that you really do lose track of time, like if Rip Van Winkle had been talking instead of sleeping.

* Going to a perfectly lovely bridal shower,  where there was a little more emphasis on the freakin’ fantastic food, and a little less emphasis on ostentatious gifts or tiresome-yet-panic-inducing questions about your own love life.  Sweet merciful heavens, what a relief!  It was both a nice community reunion and an excellent start to summer, also known as “Wedding Season” ’round these parts.

* On the same vein, my dad making a “Wedding Crashers” joke last night.

* Catching up on some e-mail and Facebook correspondence.  I know, it sounds pretty boring, but I HAVE NEVER FELT SO FREE afterwards!  There were some e-mails, messages and posts that had been stagnating since December, and it felt pretty darn wonderful to finally get back to them.  I don’t know whether this means I’m really boring, or a bad friend.  Or both.

* Getting told that I should be a model by the lovely lady who makes amazing Lebanese food.   Yes, it’s a standard comment for many tall people, but unlike so many of the other comments tall people are subject to on a depressingly regular basis, the model one isn’t sooo awful!  

* Spontaneous trip to Montreal with a good friend of mine!  We caught up, two-stepped to some great tunes, chatted with the band (who are from our home county), and were on the recieving end of some funny pick-up lines by some drunk Nova Scotians.    All in all, it was the stuff that great nights are made of.

There’s my TILT list for this week.  What sorts of things managed to make it into your jam-packing TILT lists this week? 




Apr 9 2010

Things I Love Thursday, April 8th, ’10


Welcome to Things I Love Thursday!  Let’s give our TILTs a whirl, shall we?  (Eeee…that horribly bad pun only works (if at all) if you remember the Tilt-a-Whirl rides from local county fairs.  Whatever happened to them? I think they might have been discontinued? Recalled is probably more like it.  Ah, but that only added to the terror the fun!  Here’s my TILT offering for this week:

* I am grateful for not having had any bad experiences on the Tilt-a-Whirl, including but not limited to, dismemberment or vomiting.  Hey, while we think of it, right?

* My beloved stuffed companion, a threadbare yet dignified rabbit, celebrated his 23rd birthday this weekend.  Cheers to you, Peter Rabbit!  If you think that I am far too cool/sane to talk about my childhood stuffed rabbit on the Internet, you are sadly mistaken.  But, um, I swear, it’s not like I have tons of other stuffed animals or that I memorize their birthdays or anything…seriously, I swear!  Only this one!  Peter Rabbit can vouch for me!

* Looking at the heap of clothes on my bed, and being struck with bold new clothes pairings and outfit ideas.  Rather than looking at the heap of clothes on your bed, and deciding whether I should go through the trouble of putting them away or if I should just shove them toward the wall.

* Re-discovering old music as if for the very first time.

* Discovering previously-unheard songs from some of my favourite bands.  I love it when this happens!

* Dazzling and neon-bright pictures that remind me of adventures in the past and adventures in the future.

* Amazing egg omelettes with onion and feta cheese.  Enough said.

* Comforting and provocative (no, no, not that scene in “Basic Instincts” provocative) e-mails and messages from friends.

* Easter candy is wonderful. 

* A delicious Easter feast shared with family.

What’s getting you starry-eyed this week, kids?



Apr 2 2010

Things I Love Thursday, April 1st ’10

Happy April Fool’s Day, mes poissons d’avrils!  I hope you got up to all sorts of pranks and shenanigans!  It’s time for our very second Things I Love Thursday, no jokes about it!


Here are some of things that are giving me an ear-to-ear grin this week:

* Cadbury Creme Eggs!!  These little bundles of shock-to-your-system sugary goodness are a highlight of the Easter season, and I could eat a million of these in one sitting.  Or at least four of them.  They’re a sugar fiend’s greatest weakness, and greatest opportunity for bragging rights.   Check it: In New Zealand, they have multiple flavours of Cadbury Creme Eggs, including fudge, white chocolate, dark chocolate with peppermint filling, caramello filling… They’re also sold far earlier than in most other countries.  Suffice it to say, I had about four eggs every day for about five months straight- -and I lived there for six months. Forget Lord of the Rings, sheep, drinking and adventure sports; New Zealand needs to be given proper props for their superior selection of Easter chocolate. 

* Letting my youngest sister do my makeup.  Her inspiration was “Vampire Diva Showgirl.”  Yes.  There were tears (mine), there was laughter (hers).  

* Wedding invitations that include the word “libations.”  Yes.   My kind of wedding.

* Prancing around in sparkly purple leggings!

* Gearing up for Easter celebrations, and finally having the weather to match.  I’m expecting to see a pastel-coloured wonderland this weekend!

Now it’s your turn!  What splendid and spectacular things have been happening to you this week?

Cheers and Easter hats to you!