Apr 29 2010

Things I Love Thursday, April 29th ’10


Unfortunately, I do not know who took this picture, but it never fails to make me ridiculously happy

Hiya, Pony Pals!

I hope you’ve been having the most fantastic week to end all Aprils!  Holy friggin’ macaroni, there are tons of things that are making me jump up and down in excitement, so let’s begin!

* Feeling sick- BUT- hear me out- -in the privacy of my home, where I can wear pajamas that say “Sugar Mama” on them and writhe around and dramatically screech “Oh my internal organs!!” to my heart’s content.  How awful and awkward would it be if this was going down on my very first day of work, in an extremely busy office, and I haven’t met my new co-workers yet?  Awk-ward.  Needless to say, I’m not literally jumping up and down today.

* Updating my resume.  Yes, it seems like a simple task, but the reality is is that I’ve been prolonging it for months.  Months.  I fear I’m not yet the go-getter I want to be.  I’d putter around on the fringes, changing something here and adding something there, but this past week I finally put the finishing touches on it.  Freedom!!

* Birthday Week!  My little sister, Marissa, and my little brother, Callum, were born on April 28th and 30th, respectively.  You know what this means?  Tons of birthday cake and presents!!!  Thanks for being born, guys!  Congratulations on being so great, with or without birthday cake.

* My grand Toronto reunion that starts…tomorrow!!!  I’m so looking forward to seeing mi amigos!  *falls over from the excitement*

* Morrissey’s music video for “Tomorrow.”    My love for the Moz is an obsessive enduring kind of love, and I’ve been listening to this particular song non-stop all the live long day, all the live long week.  The video was shot all in one go (only Moz could pull off this daring feat), and my favourite part is when he accidentally slips up about a minute and 7 seconds into the video.  His facial reaction is priceless! 

* People saying just the right things at just the right moment when you need it the most.

So, what’s been making your hearts go pitter-patter this week? Spill! Share! Please!


Cheers to you!


Apr 22 2010

Things I Love Thursday, April 23rd ’10


Vivienne Westwood is simply extraordinary, isn’t she?

Oh Mylanta, it’s time for Things I Love Thursday again!  This week has flown by quickly, and there are lots of wonderful things to be jazzed about.   Let’s not tarry any longer, shall we?

* Prancing around in the morning (and noon and afternoon and dusk and evening and midnight) to “Flawless (Go to the City)” by George MichaelBut you already knew that.

* Having a delicious potluck supper with good friends and then taking the first hot tub dip of the season.  It was definitely one for the ”ahhh, this is the life” kind of moment books.  Thanks to the heat and the water jets, I no longer felt my usual feeling of wanting to rip my entire spine out with my bare hands.  Um, hurrah!  There were even leftover cookies for me to take home.   To mix bakery metaphors, it was truly the icing on the cake.

* Gorging myself on chocolate-covered almonds.  They are one of my, admittedly, many weaknesses.  I friggin’ love it when school fundraisers roll around, because then my chocolate-covered-almond-eating is for a good cause, and I feel all noble and stuff.  Philanthropy in action, you know.

* Planning my trip to Toronto for the end of this month!!!!! Hurray!!!!  Some of my dearest friends who are scattered all over the globe are coming together for a reunion!!!!  I feel that there aren’t enough exclamation points in the world to express how excited I am!!  Alas, my trip will only be a whirlwind of a weekend, but it will an entire weekend full of shenanigans and quality bonding time.   I’m also looking forward to seeing friends whom I haven’t seen in the longest time.  (Whoa- oa-oa).   Hurray, Hurray, Hurrah. 

* Pants with elastic waistbands.  No need to explain here.

* Wonderful tales about faraway prairie adventures from my beloved cousin

* Cathartic writing and much-needed words of advice, humour and commiseration from my friends.   To steal a quote from my kick-ass and dapper friend Adam, my choice in friends is one of my very best qualities. 

Awwwww.  On that note, what things this week have tickled your heartstrings?  (I am pure poetry).

Cheers to you!


Apr 22 2010

Mid-Week Dance Party! (April 23rd, ’10)


Yes.  The photo and the the single dangling cross earring do not deceive you.  Today, we are dancing to George Michael.  Yes!  Unlike the “Faith”-era picture above, we are dancing to more recent George Michael.  Although he’s better known as an ’80s and ’90s icon, both through his work with Wham! and his solo career, George (may I call you George?) is still going strong.  This entire week month has been pretty much devoted to prancing around to “Flawless (Go to the City),” from his album “Patience.”  The lyrics to this song are uplifting, straight-talkin’ and affirming.  They also make me want to move to the city.  All of this from a pop-dance song?  George Michael gets me.   This video for this song is like the mascot of Mid-Week Dance Parties everywhere, and features the most amazing spontaneous-group-dance-in-a-hotel-room scenes ever!  It’s like dancing around in your bedroom, singing into your hairbrush, but on a much grander, George Michael-fied scale.  Another extra-awesome part of the video is that it features a wide range of people, all united through their love of dancing to George Michael songs.  Or, y’know, united through their love of dancing in music videos for pay.

ANYWAY!  Check out the song that I get dressed to in the mornings:

George Michael- Flawless (Go to the City)


As a special bonus, here’s the video for “Freedom 90.”  Directed by David Fincher, it stars the Holy Trinity of supermodels Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, and Christy Turlington.   A classic, classic video.

George Michael- Freedom 90


What songs can’t you help prancing around to this week?



Apr 15 2010

Things I Love Thursday, April 15th ’10



Hello, hoodlums!

I hope you’ve all been having a wonderful week so far, and have a lot to be thankful for.  Ugh- that last line sounds like a threat, like “You BEST be GRATEFUL, or ELSE!!!”  Anyway, here’s my non-threatening list of non-threatening things to be thankful for, in a non-threatening way:

* Having a wonderful late-lunch date with my friend/third cousin (hey, it’s a small town) at Tim Horton’s, which is basically a Canadian mecca.  It was one of those times when the conversation and the company is so great that you really do lose track of time, like if Rip Van Winkle had been talking instead of sleeping.

* Going to a perfectly lovely bridal shower,  where there was a little more emphasis on the freakin’ fantastic food, and a little less emphasis on ostentatious gifts or tiresome-yet-panic-inducing questions about your own love life.  Sweet merciful heavens, what a relief!  It was both a nice community reunion and an excellent start to summer, also known as “Wedding Season” ’round these parts.

* On the same vein, my dad making a “Wedding Crashers” joke last night.

* Catching up on some e-mail and Facebook correspondence.  I know, it sounds pretty boring, but I HAVE NEVER FELT SO FREE afterwards!  There were some e-mails, messages and posts that had been stagnating since December, and it felt pretty darn wonderful to finally get back to them.  I don’t know whether this means I’m really boring, or a bad friend.  Or both.

* Getting told that I should be a model by the lovely lady who makes amazing Lebanese food.   Yes, it’s a standard comment for many tall people, but unlike so many of the other comments tall people are subject to on a depressingly regular basis, the model one isn’t sooo awful!  

* Spontaneous trip to Montreal with a good friend of mine!  We caught up, two-stepped to some great tunes, chatted with the band (who are from our home county), and were on the recieving end of some funny pick-up lines by some drunk Nova Scotians.    All in all, it was the stuff that great nights are made of.

There’s my TILT list for this week.  What sorts of things managed to make it into your jam-packing TILT lists this week? 




Apr 15 2010

Mid-Week Dance Party! (April 14th, ’10)

Hello, friends!

What a great day it is today!  The sun is shining and the lawnmowers are out for their first whirl.  Naturally, I am inside and wearing a delightfully wierd sweater that is actually kind of itchy but I suffer through it in hopes that the “delightfully weird” part will triumph over the “itchy fibres fusing to my skin” part… as you do.   I’m also watching hilarious videos on Youtube.  Life is, indeed, grand. 

Coco Rocha is a 21-year-old Canadian supermodel with an engaging personality and a distinctive face.   Possessing both brains and beauty in equal measure – like, a truckload of measure - she is fully deserving of the rarified “supermodel” tag.   Rocha deserves her own article detailing her various charity works and her brave public stance against the overwhelming demand for increasingly thinner and thinner models in the fashion industry (a move that could have very well gotten her blacklisted), so I’ll be writing about that shortly.   How does Coco Rocha fit in today’s MWDP?  The girl knows the value of a spontaneous dance party, as her charming homemade music videos can attest.   There’s one video in particular that tugs my heartstrings, and that’s the one of Coco and her father dancing to “I Wanna Be Like You” from Disney’s The Jungle Book.   This video is equal parts “awwww” and “doing your best impressions of jungle animals,” so let’s check it out:

Coco Rocha and Trevor Haines- The Jungle Book

Seriously- their commitment to all the lip-synching and their synchronized dance moves are hella impressive.   I also think it’s pretty adorable that Coco’s dad seems just as into the song (if not even more so) as Coco.

I wanna walk like you! Talk like you! You see it’s true-ue-ue!


Apr 9 2010

Things I Love Thursday, April 8th, ’10


Welcome to Things I Love Thursday!  Let’s give our TILTs a whirl, shall we?  (Eeee…that horribly bad pun only works (if at all) if you remember the Tilt-a-Whirl rides from local county fairs.  Whatever happened to them? I think they might have been discontinued? Recalled is probably more like it.  Ah, but that only added to the terror the fun!  Here’s my TILT offering for this week:

* I am grateful for not having had any bad experiences on the Tilt-a-Whirl, including but not limited to, dismemberment or vomiting.  Hey, while we think of it, right?

* My beloved stuffed companion, a threadbare yet dignified rabbit, celebrated his 23rd birthday this weekend.  Cheers to you, Peter Rabbit!  If you think that I am far too cool/sane to talk about my childhood stuffed rabbit on the Internet, you are sadly mistaken.  But, um, I swear, it’s not like I have tons of other stuffed animals or that I memorize their birthdays or anything…seriously, I swear!  Only this one!  Peter Rabbit can vouch for me!

* Looking at the heap of clothes on my bed, and being struck with bold new clothes pairings and outfit ideas.  Rather than looking at the heap of clothes on your bed, and deciding whether I should go through the trouble of putting them away or if I should just shove them toward the wall.

* Re-discovering old music as if for the very first time.

* Discovering previously-unheard songs from some of my favourite bands.  I love it when this happens!

* Dazzling and neon-bright pictures that remind me of adventures in the past and adventures in the future.

* Amazing egg omelettes with onion and feta cheese.  Enough said.

* Comforting and provocative (no, no, not that scene in “Basic Instincts” provocative) e-mails and messages from friends.

* Easter candy is wonderful. 

* A delicious Easter feast shared with family.

What’s getting you starry-eyed this week, kids?



Apr 8 2010

An Easter Tale…Of Terror

Happy Easter Monday to you all!!  I hope you’ve all been having spectacular weekends, and have been able to make your chocolate last longer than I have…

Easter, like all holidays, tends to bring up special memories, and one of my most cherished Easter memories also still gives me nightmares.  Like many of you, I have a list of pretty sensible fears, like drowning or my dog eating my face off while I sleep.  I also have a mile-long list of irrational fears, like serial killers, my teeth suddenly falling out without warning (although I suppose it would be just as terrifying to hear your teeth warn you that they’re about to fall out…*adds another entry to the Irrational Fears list*), the possibility that a vengeful ghost lives at the bottom of my staircase and slowly ascends when I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, Cheez Whiz and dead birds.  Suffice it to say, I’m not that tough. 

ANYWAY, let us rewind back to my first year of university, on Easter weekend.  It was a cheery Spring day, and most of us were celebrating by locking ourselves in the library for 14 hours straight, or, like me, bargaining with our floormates to drop something heavy on my head so that we could go to the hospital and thus be spared from exam hell for yet another day.   “If you were our friend, you would drop this on us!” …. “*exasperated sigh*  Yes, I am your friend, which is why I am not dropping this on you.”   Some of us study, some of us bargain desperately for a slight concussion in a stairwell…we all have our own exam preparation methods, I suppose.

The campus was a tad quieter, since some students went home for the holiday weekend, if their exam schedules allowed it.  My exam schedule thought otherwise, as did most of my floormates’, and we all hunkered down for a weekend of exam and essay insanity.  So imagine our surprise on Easter Sunday, when we awoke to find this elaborate set of clues for an Easter egg hunt!!!  My friend Cat, who is a top-notch human being, had concocted the entire thing.  I highly recommend Cat as a friend; surprise Easter egg hunts are just par for the course for her.   I was so excited that I didn’t even change out of my pyjamas, and ended up walking around campus in these really-obvious-pyjamas that were flannel and had penguins or ducks playing hockey or tobogganing or something, and the hems and sleeves were obviously much too short for me – -all while other people were sharply dressed in their pastel Easter finery.  

My friends and I followed the egg hunt clues all over campus until it led us back to the common room of our residence.   The fireplace of our common room, to be exact.   Hopping around in excitement (get it?  Like rabbits!),  we opened the fireplace door to find….a giant basket of eggs and other chocolate goodies….AND!  Nestled beside the basket? A GIANT DEAD BIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Poor Cat swore up and down that she didn’t plant the giant dead crow in the fireplace; in her excitement, she probably didn’t even notice the corpse-bird when she hid the Easter basket there.   We overcame our collective shock soon enough (some-me-later than others) and started feasting on the chocolate while joking about the most unusual Easter basket accessory ever.   We decided to name the bird “Igor De Mortis” and posted a sign on the fireplace door that read, “Igor de Mortis lives here…although he doesn’t so much live.”  And from then on, Easter celebrations have lacked a certain morbid panache.

Off to re-read “The Raven,”


Apr 3 2010



Canadian model Lisa Cant and her gang of candy-haired hoodlums

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, here’s wishing you a festive weekend full of wickedly- competitive easter egg hunts!  Easter baskets!  Ladies wearing bitchin’ pastel-coloured Easter hats! Pysanky eggs! Ham and scalloped potatoes!  (Or is that just my family…Come to think of it, what does ham have to do with Easter in the first place?)  May images of baby bunnies, baby lambs, baby chicks, and other varieties of cute baby animals dance (or prance?  or sit there helplessly because they can’t walk yet?) in your heads. 

Much love,


Apr 2 2010

Things I Love Thursday, April 1st ’10

Happy April Fool’s Day, mes poissons d’avrils!  I hope you got up to all sorts of pranks and shenanigans!  It’s time for our very second Things I Love Thursday, no jokes about it!


Here are some of things that are giving me an ear-to-ear grin this week:

* Cadbury Creme Eggs!!  These little bundles of shock-to-your-system sugary goodness are a highlight of the Easter season, and I could eat a million of these in one sitting.  Or at least four of them.  They’re a sugar fiend’s greatest weakness, and greatest opportunity for bragging rights.   Check it: In New Zealand, they have multiple flavours of Cadbury Creme Eggs, including fudge, white chocolate, dark chocolate with peppermint filling, caramello filling… They’re also sold far earlier than in most other countries.  Suffice it to say, I had about four eggs every day for about five months straight- -and I lived there for six months. Forget Lord of the Rings, sheep, drinking and adventure sports; New Zealand needs to be given proper props for their superior selection of Easter chocolate. 

* Letting my youngest sister do my makeup.  Her inspiration was “Vampire Diva Showgirl.”  Yes.  There were tears (mine), there was laughter (hers).  

* Wedding invitations that include the word “libations.”  Yes.   My kind of wedding.

* Prancing around in sparkly purple leggings!

* Gearing up for Easter celebrations, and finally having the weather to match.  I’m expecting to see a pastel-coloured wonderland this weekend!

Now it’s your turn!  What splendid and spectacular things have been happening to you this week?

Cheers and Easter hats to you! 


Apr 2 2010

Mid-Week Dance Party! March 31,’10


Hey! Ho! Let’s…dance!

I hope these past days have been very dance-worthy for you all, and that you’ve been frolicking in daisy-covered fields like they do in so many prescription drugs and feminine hygiene products commercials.   Well, frolicking in daisy-covered fields, riding horses along the beach, and winking at mysterious yet non-threatening strangers.   Well, sometimes it’s more like they smile shyly at each other, because winking would be too outrageous and something that the wearer of the leading competition would totally do.    Ummm….what?

Anyways, I’ve been finding myself in a pop-punkish mood these days.  Ohhh….nostalgia for the music of those early teenage years.  The sweet strains of Sum 41 piercing our delicate eardrums as we stood around awkwardly in someone’s basement, avoiding eye contact with everyone else, or as we made the half-hour drive to the mall.  Our parents were driving, of course.  Well, The Dollyrots are poised to make the glory days of 2006 happen over again.   Their 2007 single “Because I’m Awesome” is ridiculously infectious and it is scientifically impossible to not dance around when you hear it.  (So just a friendly warning in advance if you don’t like to play air guitar, flip your hair around and pose in the mirror in front of other people: you might want to shut the door).   I’m also a fan of the album cover, which features a bunny wearing a gas mask.  The cheerleader-y “rah rahs” at the end reinforce the importance of being your own cheerleader, so there’s a nougat message about self-esteem wrapped in a delicious chocolate pop-punk shell.     Plus, The Dollyrots are signed to Blackheart Records, so if they have Joan Jett’s stamp of approval, then that’s more than good enough for me. 

The Dollyrots- Because I\’m Awesome

What music is making you do flying split leaps this week?