May 27 2010

Things I Love Thursday, May 27th ’10

ianmckellenA young Sir Ian McKellen….WHOA.  Just…WHOA.

*eleventy-million years later, finally stops staring dreamily into my computer screen, commences with this week’s TILT droolfest*

Alright kids!  This week’s been a pretty grand week as far as things to be psyched about, and I hope it’s the same for you.  Without further babbling and ado, here’s what’s making me mighty thankful this week: 

* I am thankful for Sir Ian McKellen.  If you somehow remain unconvinced, I present you with further proof of his awesomeness.

* I am thankful for the mad props that my lovely friend Anne (who set me up with this here WordPress, by the by) gave me on her blog.  Alfalfa Anne is a magical mecca for horse lovers, and collects all the very best horse imagery on the web into one sweet feed.  Alas, I can’t take credit for that pun.  Anne is also a pun master.  Pun MASTER, I tell you!

* I am thankful for the television show “Battles B.C.”   Outside, spring has sprung, morning has broken, life begins anew- yadda yadda yadda.  There are puppies and bunnies and lilac bushes and baby calves, but not even their powers of cuteness combined can tear me away from my slouched position in front of the computer, because this show is so frickin’ good.  As the name suggests, it’s all about ancient battles, and you needn’t be a war nerd like myself to enjoy it, because this show is full of unintentional hilarity and so much interesting trivia.  It’s ridiculous!  I’m so grateful to my friend for telling me about this show, I should probably give him my seventh-born child or something.  Of course, I can’t tell him that to his face, because it’ll come off as creepy and wierd, so I’ll just announce it to everyone on the entire internet, instead.

* I am thankful for exciting summer reunion plans!  My friend is making a glorious return to my neck of the woods this summer, all the way from her home court of Trinidad!! We haven’t seen each other in a few years, so I’m ridiculously excited!!  As I type this, I realize that I actually haven’t confirmed with her that I’ll be around, so I better get on that…

* I am thankful for the wonderful wedding that will happen this weekend.  My friends Adam and James are truly frickin’ magnificent, and deserve every single great thing the world has to offer!!

 So there you have it.  Short, but so sweet it’ll make your teeth ache.  What fantastic happenings and thrilling things have made the final cut in your TILT list this week?   Ponies?  Skateboards?  Haunted houses?  Haunted horses?  Spill, please!



May 21 2010

Things I Love Thursday, May 20th ’10


I’m afraid I don’t know who is responsible for this masterpiece of hilarity, but if you’re out there and reading this- -marry me?

Alright, folks!  Brace yourselves for the truckload of joy that is Friday’s edition of Things I Love Thursday.  A day late, but never a dollar short!  I only have myself and last night’s season finale of “Gray’s Anatomy” to blame.  WHOA.  SO FRIGGIN’ GOOD.  TRUST ME ON THIS, I AM WRITING IN CAPLOCKS.  I haven’t watched the show in months, maybe even years, but last night I was immediately reunited with my favourite Dr. Cristina Yang and the rest of the gang, and was sobbing like a regular within minutes.  Let’s get started on our weekly TILT joyfest before I start tearing up again and trying to blame it on imaginary onions:

* Lilac season!  Lilac bushes everywhere are in full bloom, and wafts of perfumed air are following me wherever I go (or so I like to pretend).  Why can’t we have lilac-scented deodorant?  Laundry soap?  Why does lavender get prime billing on the heavenly-outdoor-smells market?  All troubling questions, perhaps best saved for another time. 

* Classy, classy drunken e-mails from my friend.  He used the word “inebriated,” and even spelled it properly!  Most people can’t spell that word even when they’re sober.  A class above, for sure.

* Doing yardwork and farm chores, and being paid for them.  Hustlin’ like a sixteen-year-old, I am.

* Listening to angry-teenage-boy-music while doing said yardwork.   Less “listening” and more “rocking out” and “surly expressions.”

* Arranging a possible consulting position for yours truly… Ooooh!  More hustling!

* Delicious steak suppers and grilled veggies.  And a million chocolate fudge cookies for breakfast, lunch, brunch, lupper and dessert!

Alright, ’tis time for me to wind up my TILT list for this week (that’s a strange-sounding sentence, and I feel as though it should be said with an Irish accent).  What’s making you Irish dance (like our cat-friend Poochie) with glee this week?

Much love to you,


May 20 2010

Mid-Week Dance Party! (May 19th, ’10)


Greetings, earthlings!  (Or not…did you just hear The X Files’ theme song?)

That song was an ill-advised choice to listen to so close to bedtime…colour me freaked out! *hesitantly checks out room for sign of alien invasion…still feels a little wary, but is too scared to look in the closet so just sits uneasily in her chair*

Um, speaking of a “Mid-Week Madness” (although this is of an entirely different sort), ladies, gentlemen and all other friendly life forms? You know what time it is.  Time to dance! 

If you’re anything like me, you have this recurring daydream where you’re striding down slick city streets (but know exactly where you’re  going), look effortlessly-yet-amazingly-glamourous-and-stylish (wearing at least one vaguely-futuristic-looking thing and a bitchin’ black leather jacket), and feel thoroughly “modern,” “futuristic,” “edgy,” “urban” and a bunch of other similar words that have kind of lost their original meaning and are over-used by people who are anything but modern, futuristic, edgy or urban?  (Case in point: I’m wearing a flannel shirt (completely without irony) as I write this to you).  Hopefully, the aliens will prefer to stalk ‘n kill a more stylish prey.

ANYWAYS, my imagination and this next song are about 67% responsible for my near-daily delusions of coolness.  “I’m in Love With a German Film Star,” which was a big hit for The Passions in 1981, perfectly captures this feeling of dark, slightly gritty, glamour in a movie star-worshipping culture.     Bonus points if you can incorporate posing for a flurry of cameras while dancing to this:

 The Passions- I\’m In Love With a German Film Star

I equally love the techno version of this song.  Hear me out, it’s frickin’ amazing! I might even love it equally-more than the original.  It’s impossible *not* to pretend you’re cool while listening to it.  The song was initially covered by the lovely Sam Taylor-Wood, with The Pet Shop Boys at the producing helm, and then techno fiend Gui Boratto put his spin on it.   As the song goes, it is indeed “a glamourous world.”

Sam Taylor-Wood, Pet Shop Boys, Gui Boratto- I\’m In Love With a German Film Star

I was thinking of sending the song along to our former German exchange student, but then I figured that he might be a little confused.  Or flattered.  Or terrified.



May 14 2010

Things I Love Thursday, May 13th ’10



‘Ello, poppets!  ‘Tis time for this week’s Things I Love Thursday and perhaps it’s time for me to stop pretending I’m a Victorian street urchin.  Or not.

* Alas, the glorious 14th “cycle” of “America’s Next Top Model” has drawn to a close, with surprising or not so surprising results.  I was hoping that the girl who was raised in a cult would have made it a bit further in the cycle, but I don’t really know what that says about me- nor do I want to know.  For the travel portion of the cycle, the top 5 model-wannabes flew to majestic New Zealand in their hopes of becoming (*makes serious face*) America’s. Next. Top. Model.  I lived for six months (2008-2009) in a wee town in the middle of the North Island called “Waiouru,” and I can tell you that there is no shortage of artistic inspiration for photoshoots.   Practically every frickin’ second is an amazing opportunity for a photoshoot in that country.  Most of my best stuff happened in the underground of The National Army Museum (I was an intern there), so I can only imagine the outtakes from the ANTM gang.  To my crushing disappointment, Jermaine and Bret from Flight of the Conchords didn’t make an appearance, and so I’ve included a rather dandy pic of the two of them here.  Jermaine’s got air! 

* Getting massive e-mail updates from old friends.  I know a lot of people don’t like getting mass update e-mails, but you know what I say to all of that?  Haters to the left.  To the left, I say! Chances are really likely that what you’re doing at that very moment is less entertaining than reading a hilarious and gossip-filled (the good kind of gossip) update.   Unless you consider laundry to be massively entertaining, in which case I say good for you.

 * Snuggling up in your bed and watching deliciously trashy television shows on your laptop.  The novelty never really wears off, does it?

* Top-secret missions to…Dairy Queen!  “Badassery” just so happens to be my middle name.

* Watching a brand new episode of “Criminal Minds” with my mom.  There’s no better mother-daughter bonding time like time spent taking in gory displays of violence and contemplating the possibility of psychotic serial killers lurking all around us.  Cheery!  Matthew Gray Gubler just also happens to be my imaginary boyfriend, so there’s that, too.  Let no one deny that I’m an excellent imaginary girlfriend.  Ummm….speaking of “psychotic and delusional”…

* You know when you haven’t washed your hair in a couple of days and then you have the best shower ever, use your favourite shampoo and you lather, rinse AND repeat?  Awesome!  Basic hygiene is probably even more awesome, Kylie.  Get on that.

* My sister discovered a cheque written out to her for a rawwwther princely sum of money.  Take the feeling you get when you find a fiver scrunched up in the pocket of your winter coat, and times it by a kajillion.

Alright, it’s your turn!  What’s making you speak in funny accents this week? 

Cheers to you!


May 6 2010

Things I Love Thursday, May 6th ’10


Amber Valletta is frickin’ stunning, yes/yes?

G’Day, my little trollops!

I hope you’re all having a splendiferous day, and are frolicking in sun-drenched fields or something equally as commercial-for-a-medication-in-which-they-inexplicably-fly-kites-and-ride-horses-bareback-along-a-beach-and-wink-knowingly-at-attractive-strangers-worthy!   There was a freak hailstorm today in my neck of the woods, so I am frolicking safely inside my room.    It’s time for our weekly round-up of all the wonderful and spectacular highlights of our lives, so let’s spill the bucket of mush already!

* An absolutely magical reunion weekend in Toronto.  Seriously, I didn’t know how much I needed this weekend until it happened.  Some of my best girls flew in from far-flung exotic locales, and we had a long-overdue adventure.  I was also able to reunite with some long-lost dear friends whom I hadn’t seen in years- YEARS!- and it was just magical the way it all came together.  Magical!  There were themed potlucks, restaurants, dancing to the death, incredible surprises, exploring, photoshoots in abandoned historical buildings, sleepover parties, nefarious schemes, old friends, new friends, a million and one new inside jokes, a million and one old inside jokes re-told, and so much laughter that my stomach still hurts from it all.  Simply magical!  I even had the cheese dish on the train ride up!  Yeah!

* A lonnnng-overdue phone call with one of my oldest friends, Allison.  Good ol’ Al and I have been through everything together.  Even though we’re at rather different stages in our lives right now, and don’t talk as often as we’d like, we’re able to slip right back into the same conversation and familiar territory.

* My tax rebate!  The upside of relative poverty!

* Putting all work on hold and dancing around like a happy maniac to Thelma Houston’s “Don’t Leave Me This Way.”  Yup, she’s Whitney’s aunt, and is as ridiculously talented!

* Experiencing renewed feelings of energy and focus.  It might just be Thelma Houston, or it might be something deeper than that, but I’m grateful for it either way.

So there’s my short but super-saturated-with-corn-syrup-sweet Things I Love Thursday offering.  What’s making you get your groove back, Stella?  (Do not tell me that you didn’t get the reference, or Whitney will get you).

Much love,