Feb 14 2011

Valentine’s Day: A Guide


Valentine’s Day is almost here…just in case the rows upon rows of drugstore chocolates, influx of “diamond ring or it’s not truuueee looooovvveee!!!!1!!!” commercials, and the anxiety-inducing high school candygrams (ugh- not exactly an inclusive idea) didn’t make their point.  If the commercials are to be believed, ideally one spends Valentine’s Day riding a cotton-candy cloud, prancing around on unicorns (who are also riding the cotton-candy cloud- keep up, people), while being showered by diamonds, fancy jewellery, chocolates, candles (err..maybe the candles aren’t showered, but placed gently) and all sorts of romancey-things by your One True Love.  Oh, and you have really bitchin’ hair.

If our inner cynics had their say, VD Day (bwahahahahahaa!!) is just a hollow, meaningless day created to hawk chocolate and other faaancy expensive things faster, and to make people feel badly about themselves- no matter what their relationship status.   If you’re in a relationship, then there must be overwhelming expections that you simply cannot meet.  If you’re not in a relationship, then you surely must spend the day moping and trudging through a dreary, opposite-of-cotton-candy cloud, and round it off wearing ratty pyjamas and nursing pints of ice-cream.  Your hair lacks volume.

Both reactions are equally cliche.  Regardless of your plans for the day, or whoever you plan to spend it with, I propose looking at the day in a new way.   Carefully compiled from years of experience, I humbly submit my guide to both surviving and thriving Valentine’s Day.

1) Realize that Valentine’s Day is just a day, and that every single moment of every single day is a prime opportunity to tell and show all the people in your life how much you care about them.  Valentine’s Day is just a reminder- a powerful pink and red reminder- to do that.

2) Don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is a powerful pink and red reminder to take care of yourself.  Eat your favourite meals (and if that includes chocolate, then you’re in luck),  surround yourself with your favourite people, pull a Ferris Bueller and flake out on your day’s responsibilities, go out and enjoy a party to end all parties, stay in with your favourite movies, have a bubble bath, walk a dog…the possibilities are endless.  Do what makes you happy.

3)  While you’re being a valentine to yourself, you can also be a valentine to the universe.  Get outside your head for a bit, and show kindness to someone in dire need of it.   Spend some time volunteering at a soup kitchen.  Stick up for that kid in your class who is constantly tormented by bullies.  Visit someone who rarely gets visits.  Again, the possibilities are endless.

4) Candy.  Ohhhhh maaaannn, so much candy.  And it’s on sale the day after VD day!

And finally,

5) Always remember that at any given time and place, there are a million people and things that you can love.  Your capacity to love and be loved is endless. Limitless.


Much love and delicious chalky candy hearts (with subversive messages written on them!) to you!