May 2 2012

Happy May Day! Happy Beltane!

This is why the internet was invented!

Thanks to Whitney Jefferson’s tumblr!

Happy (slightly belated by ten minutes) Beltane/May Day, my little mayflowers! (Not to be confused with the Mayflower, unless you’re a devoted re-enactor who’s bringing the Pilgrims over to Plymouth Rock.)

May (ha!) you all have a festive day heralding in the Spring season!  I felt a little bah humbug-ish today, since I had a distinct lack of floral styling, there was no dancing around a May Day pole in these parts, and I gobbled up every last morsel of my extra-delicious supper, completely forgetting to leave any extras for the fairies.  However, later this evening, as I was walking over to feed calves, I realized that I might have accidentally stepped into an entirely different realm.  A thick mist blanketed everything as far as my eye could see, and little mist-tendrils entangled themselves around my ankles.  All was quiet- a rather eerie sort of quiet, and there was this palpable feeling of anticipation.  My usually straight-forward chores had a certain sense of enchantment, and I think I have the magic of May to thank for that.

To find out more about the ancient Celtic holiday of Beltane, clickety-click over here.

No Beltane playlist is complete without the Canadian-Celtic songstress Loreena McKennitt.  Get chills- CHILLS!- when you listen to her Huron ‘Beltane’ Fire Dance over here.


Much love and magic,