Things I Love Thursday, April 8th, ’10


Welcome to Things I Love Thursday!  Let’s give our TILTs a whirl, shall we?  (Eeee…that horribly bad pun only works (if at all) if you remember the Tilt-a-Whirl rides from local county fairs.  Whatever happened to them? I think they might have been discontinued? Recalled is probably more like it.  Ah, but that only added to the terror the fun!  Here’s my TILT offering for this week:

* I am grateful for not having had any bad experiences on the Tilt-a-Whirl, including but not limited to, dismemberment or vomiting.  Hey, while we think of it, right?

* My beloved stuffed companion, a threadbare yet dignified rabbit, celebrated his 23rd birthday this weekend.  Cheers to you, Peter Rabbit!  If you think that I am far too cool/sane to talk about my childhood stuffed rabbit on the Internet, you are sadly mistaken.  But, um, I swear, it’s not like I have tons of other stuffed animals or that I memorize their birthdays or anything…seriously, I swear!  Only this one!  Peter Rabbit can vouch for me!

* Looking at the heap of clothes on my bed, and being struck with bold new clothes pairings and outfit ideas.  Rather than looking at the heap of clothes on your bed, and deciding whether I should go through the trouble of putting them away or if I should just shove them toward the wall.

* Re-discovering old music as if for the very first time.

* Discovering previously-unheard songs from some of my favourite bands.  I love it when this happens!

* Dazzling and neon-bright pictures that remind me of adventures in the past and adventures in the future.

* Amazing egg omelettes with onion and feta cheese.  Enough said.

* Comforting and provocative (no, no, not that scene in “Basic Instincts” provocative) e-mails and messages from friends.

* Easter candy is wonderful. 

* A delicious Easter feast shared with family.

What’s getting you starry-eyed this week, kids?



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