Mid-Week Dance Party! (April 14th, ’10)

Hello, friends!

What a great day it is today!  The sun is shining and the lawnmowers are out for their first whirl.  Naturally, I am inside and wearing a delightfully wierd sweater that is actually kind of itchy but I suffer through it in hopes that the “delightfully weird” part will triumph over the “itchy fibres fusing to my skin” part… as you do.   I’m also watching hilarious videos on Youtube.  Life is, indeed, grand. 

Coco Rocha is a 21-year-old Canadian supermodel with an engaging personality and a distinctive face.   Possessing both brains and beauty in equal measure – like, a truckload of measure - she is fully deserving of the rarified “supermodel” tag.   Rocha deserves her own article detailing her various charity works and her brave public stance against the overwhelming demand for increasingly thinner and thinner models in the fashion industry (a move that could have very well gotten her blacklisted), so I’ll be writing about that shortly.   How does Coco Rocha fit in today’s MWDP?  The girl knows the value of a spontaneous dance party, as her charming homemade music videos can attest.   There’s one video in particular that tugs my heartstrings, and that’s the one of Coco and her father dancing to “I Wanna Be Like You” from Disney’s The Jungle Book.   This video is equal parts “awwww” and “doing your best impressions of jungle animals,” so let’s check it out:

Coco Rocha and Trevor Haines- The Jungle Book

Seriously- their commitment to all the lip-synching and their synchronized dance moves are hella impressive.   I also think it’s pretty adorable that Coco’s dad seems just as into the song (if not even more so) as Coco.

I wanna walk like you! Talk like you! You see it’s true-ue-ue!


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