Things I Love Thursday, April 15th ’10



Hello, hoodlums!

I hope you’ve all been having a wonderful week so far, and have a lot to be thankful for.  Ugh- that last line sounds like a threat, like “You BEST be GRATEFUL, or ELSE!!!”  Anyway, here’s my non-threatening list of non-threatening things to be thankful for, in a non-threatening way:

* Having a wonderful late-lunch date with my friend/third cousin (hey, it’s a small town) at Tim Horton’s, which is basically a Canadian mecca.  It was one of those times when the conversation and the company is so great that you really do lose track of time, like if Rip Van Winkle had been talking instead of sleeping.

* Going to a perfectly lovely bridal shower,  where there was a little more emphasis on the freakin’ fantastic food, and a little less emphasis on ostentatious gifts or tiresome-yet-panic-inducing questions about your own love life.  Sweet merciful heavens, what a relief!  It was both a nice community reunion and an excellent start to summer, also known as “Wedding Season” ’round these parts.

* On the same vein, my dad making a “Wedding Crashers” joke last night.

* Catching up on some e-mail and Facebook correspondence.  I know, it sounds pretty boring, but I HAVE NEVER FELT SO FREE afterwards!  There were some e-mails, messages and posts that had been stagnating since December, and it felt pretty darn wonderful to finally get back to them.  I don’t know whether this means I’m really boring, or a bad friend.  Or both.

* Getting told that I should be a model by the lovely lady who makes amazing Lebanese food.   Yes, it’s a standard comment for many tall people, but unlike so many of the other comments tall people are subject to on a depressingly regular basis, the model one isn’t sooo awful!  

* Spontaneous trip to Montreal with a good friend of mine!  We caught up, two-stepped to some great tunes, chatted with the band (who are from our home county), and were on the recieving end of some funny pick-up lines by some drunk Nova Scotians.    All in all, it was the stuff that great nights are made of.

There’s my TILT list for this week.  What sorts of things managed to make it into your jam-packing TILT lists this week? 




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