Tall Identity

G’Day, ladies and germs!

One topic that’s been rolling around in my brain for the past few years is height and identity.   More specifically, how height affects identity.  Does your height play a big part into how you define yourself, or could it be completely separate?  Is “tall” one of the first words you use to define yourself, or do you scarcely mention it at all? Although it’s downright ridiculous to make assumptions about someone based on such an arbitrary physical characteristic as height, there’s also the idea that it can shape your life in so many ways, and even alter your personality.   Do you find that being tall has a profound effect on your life?  Does it affect nearly every aspect of your life, or are you able to compartmentalize?  Is there a tall cultural identity that arises from shared tall experiences,  or is being tall just a random fluke that doesn’t really link you to other tall people?

Here’s my spin on this whole barrel of monkeys: While my height continues to profoundly shape many of my life experiences and perspectives, and is part of my overall identity, I don’t allow it to completely define me.  I don’t let my height do all the talking for me; it’s my personality first and foremost.   I do acknowledge that that sometimes is a contentious point since some people do insist on making assumptions about strangers solely based on their physical characteristics, but I like to prove them wrong.  It’s a hobby of sorts.   I also believe in the concept of a “tall culture” that is loosely defined by shared experiences and little details in common.  There is a certain kinship, a bond that makes you want to high-five other tall people and/or invent a secret handshake. 

So that’s an awful lot of questions, but hopefully we can put our heads together and find some answers.  Ugh- that sounded like an especially lame pick-up line from a creepy tutor who wears bow ties and tries to blackmail you on the regular.  ANYWAYS!  Dear readers, what are your thoughts on tall identity? Please spill and share your giant bottles of insight in the comments below!

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2 Responses to “Tall Identity”

  • Brian! Says:

    Hey! im pretty tall. I’m 18 and i’m 6’7″.. soo yea emphasis on the ‘pretty’ tall part. I’m doing a documentary on the ups and downs of being very tall. I doubt you would respond too quickly because this was back in june, but if you could give me some feedback, that’d be sweet :P

    ps. i like being tall, but it’s overrated

  • Kylie Says:

    Hi Brian!

    Yeah, it looks like you got the “pretty tall” thing on lock. Your documentary sounds super-interesting, and if you’re still looking for feedback, just send an e-mail my way. I’d love to help!

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