Things I Love Thursday, April 29th ’10


Unfortunately, I do not know who took this picture, but it never fails to make me ridiculously happy

Hiya, Pony Pals!

I hope you’ve been having the most fantastic week to end all Aprils!  Holy friggin’ macaroni, there are tons of things that are making me jump up and down in excitement, so let’s begin!

* Feeling sick- BUT- hear me out- -in the privacy of my home, where I can wear pajamas that say “Sugar Mama” on them and writhe around and dramatically screech “Oh my internal organs!!” to my heart’s content.  How awful and awkward would it be if this was going down on my very first day of work, in an extremely busy office, and I haven’t met my new co-workers yet?  Awk-ward.  Needless to say, I’m not literally jumping up and down today.

* Updating my resume.  Yes, it seems like a simple task, but the reality is is that I’ve been prolonging it for months.  Months.  I fear I’m not yet the go-getter I want to be.  I’d putter around on the fringes, changing something here and adding something there, but this past week I finally put the finishing touches on it.  Freedom!!

* Birthday Week!  My little sister, Marissa, and my little brother, Callum, were born on April 28th and 30th, respectively.  You know what this means?  Tons of birthday cake and presents!!!  Thanks for being born, guys!  Congratulations on being so great, with or without birthday cake.

* My grand Toronto reunion that starts…tomorrow!!!  I’m so looking forward to seeing mi amigos!  *falls over from the excitement*

* Morrissey’s music video for “Tomorrow.”    My love for the Moz is an obsessive enduring kind of love, and I’ve been listening to this particular song non-stop all the live long day, all the live long week.  The video was shot all in one go (only Moz could pull off this daring feat), and my favourite part is when he accidentally slips up about a minute and 7 seconds into the video.  His facial reaction is priceless! 

* People saying just the right things at just the right moment when you need it the most.

So, what’s been making your hearts go pitter-patter this week? Spill! Share! Please!


Cheers to you!


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