Mid-Week Dance Party! (May 19th, ’10)


Greetings, earthlings!  (Or not…did you just hear The X Files’ theme song?)

That song was an ill-advised choice to listen to so close to bedtime…colour me freaked out! *hesitantly checks out room for sign of alien invasion…still feels a little wary, but is too scared to look in the closet so just sits uneasily in her chair*

Um, speaking of a “Mid-Week Madness” (although this is of an entirely different sort), ladies, gentlemen and all other friendly life forms? You know what time it is.  Time to dance! 

If you’re anything like me, you have this recurring daydream where you’re striding down slick city streets (but know exactly where you’re  going), look effortlessly-yet-amazingly-glamourous-and-stylish (wearing at least one vaguely-futuristic-looking thing and a bitchin’ black leather jacket), and feel thoroughly “modern,” “futuristic,” “edgy,” “urban” and a bunch of other similar words that have kind of lost their original meaning and are over-used by people who are anything but modern, futuristic, edgy or urban?  (Case in point: I’m wearing a flannel shirt (completely without irony) as I write this to you).  Hopefully, the aliens will prefer to stalk ‘n kill a more stylish prey.

ANYWAYS, my imagination and this next song are about 67% responsible for my near-daily delusions of coolness.  “I’m in Love With a German Film Star,” which was a big hit for The Passions in 1981, perfectly captures this feeling of dark, slightly gritty, glamour in a movie star-worshipping culture.     Bonus points if you can incorporate posing for a flurry of cameras while dancing to this:

 The Passions- I\’m In Love With a German Film Star

I equally love the techno version of this song.  Hear me out, it’s frickin’ amazing! I might even love it equally-more than the original.  It’s impossible *not* to pretend you’re cool while listening to it.  The song was initially covered by the lovely Sam Taylor-Wood, with The Pet Shop Boys at the producing helm, and then techno fiend Gui Boratto put his spin on it.   As the song goes, it is indeed “a glamourous world.”

Sam Taylor-Wood, Pet Shop Boys, Gui Boratto- I\’m In Love With a German Film Star

I was thinking of sending the song along to our former German exchange student, but then I figured that he might be a little confused.  Or flattered.  Or terrified.



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