Things I Love Thursday, May 20th ’10


I’m afraid I don’t know who is responsible for this masterpiece of hilarity, but if you’re out there and reading this- -marry me?

Alright, folks!  Brace yourselves for the truckload of joy that is Friday’s edition of Things I Love Thursday.  A day late, but never a dollar short!  I only have myself and last night’s season finale of “Gray’s Anatomy” to blame.  WHOA.  SO FRIGGIN’ GOOD.  TRUST ME ON THIS, I AM WRITING IN CAPLOCKS.  I haven’t watched the show in months, maybe even years, but last night I was immediately reunited with my favourite Dr. Cristina Yang and the rest of the gang, and was sobbing like a regular within minutes.  Let’s get started on our weekly TILT joyfest before I start tearing up again and trying to blame it on imaginary onions:

* Lilac season!  Lilac bushes everywhere are in full bloom, and wafts of perfumed air are following me wherever I go (or so I like to pretend).  Why can’t we have lilac-scented deodorant?  Laundry soap?  Why does lavender get prime billing on the heavenly-outdoor-smells market?  All troubling questions, perhaps best saved for another time. 

* Classy, classy drunken e-mails from my friend.  He used the word “inebriated,” and even spelled it properly!  Most people can’t spell that word even when they’re sober.  A class above, for sure.

* Doing yardwork and farm chores, and being paid for them.  Hustlin’ like a sixteen-year-old, I am.

* Listening to angry-teenage-boy-music while doing said yardwork.   Less “listening” and more “rocking out” and “surly expressions.”

* Arranging a possible consulting position for yours truly… Ooooh!  More hustling!

* Delicious steak suppers and grilled veggies.  And a million chocolate fudge cookies for breakfast, lunch, brunch, lupper and dessert!

Alright, ’tis time for me to wind up my TILT list for this week (that’s a strange-sounding sentence, and I feel as though it should be said with an Irish accent).  What’s making you Irish dance (like our cat-friend Poochie) with glee this week?

Much love to you,


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