Things I Love Thursday, June 9th ’10

tumblr_l15zurWJSf1qzyrwvo1_500Oscar Wilde reminds us yet again why he is Oscar Wilde and we are not. 

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Greetings and salutations!

It’s been some week, and I hope that you’ve been having a great one, too.   It’s that time again when we get all thankful and moony over all the great things that have happened to us this past week, and we spill it all out in the form of Things I Love Thursday.  Kind of like when you spill maple syrup on snow, and it hardens into toffee so delicious that it’s totally worth breaking several braces and retainer wires over- -angry orthodontist be damned! 

“Don’t Stop Believing” came on the radio three different times yesterday, and I was able to perform an epic car song and dance routine to each of them.   I like to imagine that the horrified onlookers were not actually horrified, but were just really, really appreciative of my artistic interpretation of this delicate ’80s classic. 

* There’s this man who has a horse who looks uncannily like my old horse, Sir Legacy.  The horse and the man live on the edge of town, and the man will ride him right into town.  Right into town!  The horse is incredibly well-behaved, and charms the pants off (um, not literally) everyone he comes across.  He doesn’t even hog the sidewalk!  The horse attracts huge crowds of onlookers, especially me.  This horse needs to have his own Facebook fan page, and all the carrots his heart desires.

* Feeling more optimistic and confident than I have in ages about the job-hunting process, thanks to a resume design jam session with bright young thing Alexandra Franzen.  She’s a resume, design and organization mastermind, and will help put a stop to your resume agony.

* A wonderful night out with a great group of longtime friends.  Delicious suppers and fantastic catch-ups- -is there anything else a girl can ask for?      

* Oh yes- a trip to Costco before aforementioned delicious supper!  I went in claiming that I didn’t need anything…and went out with a giant bag of jelly beans, some croissants, mango slices and an industrial-sized container of ice tea mix.  Life necessities, you know?  “It’s a dress…in a bag….”

* Lip-synching to songs from “Glee.”  One of my personal favourites is “Defying Gravity,” as sung by Chris Colfer (“Kurt Hummel.”)  What an amazing range!  Goosebump-inducing! I hope he gets more solos next season.  Kurt is one of my favourite characters on the show, and I think his, Sue’s and Brittany’s one-liners are some of the snappiest in television. 

And with that, I’m off to prance around to “Defying Gravity” for eleventy-billion more times.  What made your TILT list?  What’s been giving you mad maple syrup cravings this week? 



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