Things I Love Thursday, October 6th ’10

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Thanks, Allie! You know me better than life itself!

My dear remaining readers,

I’m so sorry I’ve let this website lie fallow for the past three months.  It has been a Crazy/Busy past few months, and not necessarily in a “CrazySexyCool”  TLC kinda way either.  I’ve had a touch of the nomads, and so I’ve been travelling a little bit, and there’s been a touch of the job-huntings, and a touch of the hectic families.   Does that last sentence make sense to anyone?  No?  Me neither.  I guess the main thing is that all has settled down, the chaos has subsided for a bit, and The Height of Life is back from the dead and ready for action!! (Er…I didn’t necessarily mean that in a “sexy zombie” kinda way, although it *is* October and Hallowe’en fast approacheth).   For those of you still kicking around, I salute you and am eternally grateful to you.  I promise never to abandon you like this again!  I am the Joan Crawford of webmasters, it seems. Well, minus the coat hangers.

To get back into the swing of things, let’s re-awaken The Height of Life with some fresh brains gratitude, shall we?  Yes, yes, it’s technically not Thursday yet here in my little Canadian nook of the world, but it’s Thursday in New Zealand!  Terry Bellefleur is one of my very favourite characters in True Blood, and not least for statements like the following: “I feel so lucky and so grateful, I could split in half.”  In that spirit, let’s get the wagon rolling for this Wednesday edition of TILT:

* Ah, autumn is creeping up on us like a lemur in a party hat.  (Do lemurs..creep?  Do lemurs… live in parts of the world where there is autumn?  What kinds of party hats do they prefer?  I’ll know what I’ll be doing later this afternoon).

* The anticipation of reading all about lemurs on Wikipedia this afternoon.  Oooh the excitement!

* Oh, autumn weather, with your clear crisp mornings and your awe-inspiring foliage and your thick Fall/Winter fashion spreads.  You make me want to eat apples, wear tights, and drive every day like I’m a Sunday driver!

* Never mind that I don’t actually like tights that much, what with the inevitably saggy crotch and other fit issues.  Also, tights are itchy! Itchy Itchy Itchy!  Ok- it appears as though a seven-year-old version of Kylie has high-jacked the body of current Kylie.

* At least seven-year-old Kylie has shown a remarkable command of the keyboard, with far less typos than current Kylie.  Here’s hoping that creepy-child-body-possessor-Kylie is a benevolent creepy child body-possessor…

* Friends and family that not only put up with my inane ramblings (please see above sentence…and I use the word “sentence” loosely) but even pretend to enjoy them!

* A specific shout-out to my good friend, Debbie, who gave me the much-needed kick in the behind to get back to writing again!  Thanks, Debbie!  You rule!!

* Meeting my Special Man Friend who is prettttty super-awesome!!!  Alright, alright- I do promise not to drone on and on about this, and will spare you and the rest of the internet from the fresh, exciting gory details, but he most certainly deserves a mention.   Yay!

* Having a seamless skin cancer surgery a few days ago, and the privilege of working with a top-notch team whose compassion, hilarity and expertise are second-to-none.  They are a team of champions who make me feel like a rockstar every time I step inside the hospital, even though my pants are usually a tad too short and not made of leather.   Pubs…hospitals…it seems there are many places to be “a regular,” haha.

* That feeling when you do a major overhaul of your room, and you realize how bright and beautiful and airy it is.  And then you proceed to spend the next hour and a half twirling around in the brand new space cleared up from moving your Michael Jackson commemorative magazines to another location…also inside your room.

And thus concludes this very special, very Wednesday edition of TILT.  What sorts of marvelous things have got you doing your own crazy-happy dance this week?

Much love to you all,

Kylie, Divine Lord of the Universe (well, soon to-be)

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