Things I Love Thursday, November 25th ’10


While most people are posting pictures of turkey and stuffing today, I thought I’d mix it up by posting some pictures from a recent editorial featuring Iekeliene Stange.  Turkey-ta, turkaa-ta.  I feel it’s incredibly fitting that Things I Love Thursday falls on American Thanksgiving, and it’s the perfect reminder that the spirit of gratitude is something to be cultivated the entire year.  So let’s jump in the gravy boat of gratitude!  (Yes, I’m fully aware that this makes no sense and actually sounds kinda painful.  Second-degree-burn inducing, at the very least). 

* Being so fortunate to have participated (read: eaten) three separate Thanksgiving meals with loved ones on Canadian Thanksgiving (we try to make sure we get all the harvest-y scenery and foliage (“foilage,” if you’re Marge Simpson) in, so we celebrate our Turkey Day a wee bit earlier, in October).   In honour of my sister, who is home from teacher’s college in the States, we’ll also have a big family meal this Saturday.   It will be a meal of turkey and turkey friends, not family members.   

* Prince William.  Kate Middleton.  Engaged.  Modern enchantment.   Temporarily forgetting casting off the shackles of Imperialism.  Four-day holiday.   Rejoice!  Today-Kylie graciously wishes them all the happiness in the world, and commends them on their mix of romance and pragmatism, but thirteen-year-old-royally-smitten-Kylie is in a bit of a snit!  Like the proud Commonwealth country we are, Canada is eating all this up with a spoon.  Alas, not a silver spoon.

* One thing that really struck me while reading about William and Princess Shiny-Hair’s engagement was that the prince had proposed a month earlier, while on holiday with friends in Kenya.  Therefore, their friends knew about this explosive news story, but not one of them ratted them out to the media.  What excellent, excellent choice in friends!  So I’m also thankful for my wonderful friends, whom I’m sure would also never inform the media if I were secretly engaged to Prince William.

* Pants with an elastic waistband.

*Making elaborate birthday plans….ooooh in a fortnight I’ll be 27!!!  That’s still mid-twenties, right?  Right?

* Coming down with a serious case of the Christmas spirits!!

* Spending quality time watching episodes of “Buffy” and the surprisingly good spin-off “Angel” with the super-awesome Special Man Friend.

And that about sums up my TILT: American Thanksgiving Version.  As things start gettin’ all festive up in here, I wish you all much happiness, love, peace and easily-accessible parking spots at the mall.

Much love and holiday cheer to you,


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