Well, hello everyone!!!! … and by “everyone” I mean “my little sister”…

I am ridiculously, deliriously excited for the new beginnings of this site!!! New beginnings, like the way a first snow looks before it becomes mottled with yellow and grey slush marks and you realize that since you don’t actually own a cute pair of snowboots, you’ll never look as effortlessly sporty and rosy-cheeked like the models in the L.L. Bean catalogue. New beginnings, like a fresh, creased pair of underwear straight out of the package, even though you know you have to wash them first and then you’ll never be able to fold them quite the same way again. New beginnings, like a freshly-Zamboni-ed skating rink, before you realize that the reason why you’re hobbling across the ice even more than your normal-hobbling-skating-style is because you still have your skate guards on. And then you realize that you don’t even know how to skate in the first place.

New beginnings like that, except without all the disappointment bit at the end.

This site will explore the “tall woman experience,” if it can even be generalized like that, as well offer insights and advice in navigating the world as a tall woman or girl. It will also feature a heaping ladle of lifestyle content, random trivia, general musings, funny stuff from the internet and life, and all the other little quirks and quarks that make life so great. This site will have a little somethin’ for everybody and their pet llama (or other novelty pet of their choice).

My next few posts will be all about why I was inspired to start this site, and all of the freakin’ great (if I do say so myself) ideas in store for you! I haven’t exactly been raised by feral wolves (or, y’know, civilized ones, or the ones that front like they’re street but are still really cooperative with wildlife photographers), so please expect a proper introduction of myself, too.

Alright, I’m off to do some flying split jumps of excitement!!! Perhaps they will be dignified flying split jumps. Perhaps they won’t. Perhaps this will finally be the time when I won’t accidentally kick something and injure others and/or myself. I am that excited.

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  • Allison Says:

    Hey, Kylie! Welcome to Blog-dom! As a fellow Tall Woman, I salute you for launching this site, and look fwd to hearing your & others’ experiences of being “taller than average”!


  • Kylie Says:

    Aw, thanks so much for your support! You’re one of the first people I mentioned this site to (back when it was only an imaginary site), and it’s wonderful to make the transition into reality. It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it. Incidentally, that’s the same thing I said after polishing off the last of Great-Aunt Jean’s jam. The others weren’t so convinced that eating a copious amount of jam was a tough job.

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