Things I Love Thursday, January 6th 2011


….Yeah, I totally typed that as “2010″ at first…

Glittery greetings and sunshiney salutations, everyone!!  Welcome to 2011, and I hope you’ve all had a wonderful, promising start to it.   Yes, yes, every single day holds the potential for fresh beginnings, but there’s just something so symbolic and satisfying about using the new year to push the dregs of the old year out the door and usher in a dazzling new start, full of potential and promise.   Plus, an opportunity to wear cardboard and/or rhinestone hats and play with kazoos is fine and dandy with me!  This year is going to be a banner one for The Height of Life, and there are all sorts of features in the pipeline that will entertain you, inspire you, make you think a bit, and maybe even make you laugh your rear off, so let’s kick it all off with a healthy shot of gratitude, eh?

* Having a perfect New Year’s Eve.  I don’t know about you, but NYE has often been a source of stress.  Like really amateur fortune tellers,  we often heap such wild expectations on it- -”If you don’t do xyz on New Year’s, you’ll have a *teerrrrrible* upcoming year”- -and still manage to be surprised! And shocked! when it all collapses under the weight of our expectations.  Mind you, I’ve usually had a good time, but my stress and anxiety leading up to the date was always unnecessary.  This year, my Special Man Friend (is that term endearing or creepy?  Truthfully, it’s a little creepy, isn’t it?  I think I better come up with a less-creepy, privacy-protecting term for him sometime soon.  Any ideas?) and I chose to relax at his place, rather than navigate through the hordes of revellers outside.  We drank fancy chocolate drinks, talked, laughed, cuddled, wore party dresses (fine, fine, that was just me), and, of course, watched “Buffy.”  I can’t think of a better way to celebrate!  Aw, between Hellmouths and alcohol, this year is going to be spectacular!!  

* Discovering a new (and fantastic) shawarma place very close to SMF’s house!  It’s a fierce rival to Cedars in the food court of Cornwall’s greatest (and only full-size) shopping mall, Cornwall Square, and that’s one delicious battle in which I would like to partake.

* Basking in the glow of a wonderful Christmas.  It always goes by so quickly, and there is always so much preparation leading up to it, but it is always so worth it. 

* Playing Secret Santa, but minus the chimney business and reindeer games. 

* My out-of-this-world-awesome cousin Emily having a magical, memorable, “best day of my life”-style wedding at the end of this December.  We are so, so proud and thrilled for you!!  A very regal, elegant, foufy-white-dressed high-five to you and Rebecca!!

* Wearing the right amount of leather in the form of a jaw-droppingly beautiful leather jacket.  Add in a trajillion bonus points of extra-meaningful-ness, since it was a Christmas present from my wonderful SMF.  Don’t worry, dear readers, I will keep the gushing to a minimum!  I keep prancing around in it, posing in front of reflective surfaces, imagining that I’m Joan Jett or Joan of Arc, and petting it reverently. 

* Had another skin cancer surgery by my left eye this past Tuesday, and despite a few unexpected twists (Oh hai! Surprise! Skin graft! Ahahahahaha!), it generally went pretty smoothly.   My ”Kylie-as-perpetually-calm-and-brave-and-cheerful” armour was cracked a bit, allowing the “Kylie-as-fidgety-and-panicky-and-terrified” to seep in.  Fortunately, I am so, so lucky to have such exceptional doctors and nurses on my team (or I’m on theirs, more likely), as well as my always-lovely Aunt Rosann.  And I had two hot chocolates!  

Much love and holiday cheer that’s been pushed back to the recesses of the fridge to you!


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  • sister from the same mister! Says:

    Party dresses! And sparkly hair pieces like the one you got me for Christmas! Prancing around to Kate Bush singing Wuthering Heights in her ethereal voice. Thinking about being a quarter of a century old and particularly well-made coffee. It’s going to be a happy new year indeed!

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