Things I Love Thursday, May 19th 2011


Hello hello, long-lost friends!!

It’s been far too long since I’ve written anything new around here, although I’ve checked back often and stared longingly at the screen until I was sick of the St. Valentine’s Unicorn.   Even as I type this weak apology, I’m feeling this electric current of excitement at just being able to write again.   All has been well in these parts- no major catastrophes, disasters or black dogs- but I’ve been spending the last while being sliced and diced and put back together again (which is a fancy way of saying that I’ve spent the last little while readying myself for skin cancer surgery on the lower rim of my left eye, undergoing the two-day extravaganza, and being handily grafted and stitched up several times over.  I’m so happy to report that the cancer is gone like yesterday’s recycling, my eyesight hasn’t been damaged, the (previously unexpected) skin grafts took and are healing well, most of my eyelashes were saved (oh hey vanity!) and that I’m the luckiest kid around to have such a supportive and caring team of doctors, nurses, family, friends and boyfriend.  Simply put, my posse rules like Queen Victoria.  She also rules).  I’m not quite out of the woods yet, for I’m undergoing this cream treatment that targets basal cell cancers that are new to the scene, and those that are still in the nefariously-plotting-schemes phase.  The Oh! Hallelujah! news is is that the cream is working- thanks in large part to my little brother, who keeps me on track and jokes with me that part of my face and neck looks like a scene from a Sci-Fi rip-off movie.  Like the Holy Fool (thanks, Gaga) I am, I vastly underestimated the amount of recovery time it would take to get back to true Kylie-form, and didn’t think it was worth writing a “Heads up! Things are going to be a little slow around here for a little while and here’s a little explanation why”-type post, since I was just going to be tired for a day or two and then after that I’d be juuusssst fiinnnneeee, right?

So, I send my apologies and my gratitude to all of you who are still kicking around like so many beautiful tumbleweeds- -I appreciate you like whoa!!! (Um, Emily Post would likely have a slightly more eloquent way of expressing her thanks).

What better way to make a glorious return back to The Height of Life than to start off with a TILT- a collection of all the tiny and all the monumental lovely bits of life that make it worth living and worth celebrating!  It seems that my Things I Love Thursday offering is already well underway, considering the first few opening paragraphs, so here are a few more morsels:

* Looking at the tumblrs that have photoshopped celebrities with no eyebrows, looking at the tumblrs that have photoshopped celebrities with no noses, and combining the two in my brain.  Don’t look at me as if I’m some sort of weirdo: you have to make your own fun! Fine, I am that weirdo.

* After a solid dsfwjh2r03483824 days of rain, including devastating floods in different parts of the country, it is finally gorgeous weather out here.   Sunny, but not sweltering.  You don’t need boots, but you still need a thin coat. Perfect!  And much more importantly, let’s hope and work together so that these floods return from whence they came.

* One of my oldest and dearest friends had a baby!  On Easter! Welcome to the world, Maggie-Mae!  We’re so happy you’re here!

* Surprise pizza!! The “surprise” and “free” aspects made it that much more delicious!

* Looking in the pantry/the internet/magazines and dreaming up all the fancy-pants and actually edible meals I could make, then shutting the pantry door.  Of course, I don’t actually make these meals.  It’s just nice to think that I *could* make them, if I had the inclination or capability.

Alrighty, it’s your turn!  What’s making you all googley-eyed this week?

Much love to you,


2 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday, May 19th 2011”

  • Kelly Says:


    It’s Wednesday, so this is a response to Thursday titled “Welcome Wednesday Wonders!”

    1. Others people’s babies! (My sister, and my bestie, are due in the next three weeks, so two new babies are expected!)
    2. My sister wants me to help her through her labour. Yes there will be nurses and mothers in attendance, but I’ll be seeing this show for the first time. As Joey Russo would say… “WOAH!”
    3. Friends who haven’t blogged much have blogged (sorry that you’re number 3, but babies are incredible)! And you’re on the mend! And you used the word boyfriend [more details, pleash]. How are you feeling, blogger who is blogging but hasn’t blogged recently?
    4. Summer is here!
    5. Beach volleyball (as a participant, not a spectator).

    Much love to you!

  • Kylie Says:

    Hi Kel!!

    Oooh, “Welcome Wednesday Wonders!” I like it!

    Whoa! Babies!! That’s so exciting!! Hurrah for Zezz and your bestie! I will look for updates and photo albums of cuteness on Facebook! You will be a fantastic aunt (you already are), and that’s quite the show you’ve been invited to! The Greatest Spectacle on Earth, really!

    And jeez, frankly, I’m honoured that I would rank so highly on the list- right after babies! I’m doing pretty well- -I’m in the midst of this hella-less-than-pleasant skin cancer cream, but I’m happy that it’s working. Even though “boyfriend” sounds like I wear poodle skirts and we make regular trips to the malt shop, I think it’s edging out “Special Man Friend” in the less-creepy scale. He’s doing well, and will actually be in Belize for the next few weeks with two of his friends- a bromance trip. After that, he has course work for 6 weeks, so our plans to see William and Kate on Parliament Hill for Canada Day (ok-these were largely my plans…in my head) are dashed, sadly. But I’m looking forward to August and to the Williamstown Fair- and I hope to take him there.

    And rock on, you beach volleyball player, you!! You rule the world even more than Queen Elizabeth I and II combined!! Your teammates are going to have such a blast, playing with you!

    Much love to you,too, Kelly!

    (PS: Your website keeps blocking me for some reason, and the password isn’t working. Is there something I’m forgetting?)

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