Kate Middleton For The Win!

A little while ago, you might recall a little wedding between a lovely girl and a lovely guy (haven’t actually met them, but by all accounts, they seem to be rather nifty people), that just happened to be a worldwide sensation and was broadcast around the globe.    Like many of you, I felt like I was a spectator of history when I watched Prince William and Kate Middleton exchange vows in the hallowed Westminster Abbey; the very place that has witnessed some of the absolute best and worst days of William’s life.   Admittedly, the thirteen-year-old version of Kylie was in a bit of a snit when she/I (referring to oneself in the third person is creepy but also complicated) heard of the engagement.  I had always dreamed of luring Prince William with my vast knowledge of Commonwealth history.  Irresistible, right? (Lest you were labouring under any delusions that I’m suave, have Great Hair and am really good at flirting, that should clear those up right now!)  Thankfully, the Kylie of today wishes the new couple all the very best life has to offer, and is thrilled that they’ve found true soul mates in each other.  I’ll make this confession right now.  The following tumblr image has been my desktop background for the past month and a half, and I do hope that it’s still more endearing than creepy.  Perhaps it is my desktop background right now:


Although this wedding was more expensive than most, like all declarations of love in front of family and friends, it released love and magic out into world.   I felt like the world was somehow a little more magical- slightly more enchanted- than usual as I went about my day.  But I should probably note that I was also on some pretty strong post-operation pain meds.

Despite the media breathlessly reporting every single little detail they could find, not very much is known about Kate Middleton, which is a marvel in this TMI, all-access-all-the-time age we live in.  One thing we do know, however, and one thing that so many people can unfortunately relate to, is that Kate was teased as a girl for being ‘tall and meek,’ causing her to transfer schools.  Her experiences were reflected in the fact that one of the charities on the wedding registry was devoted to stopping bullying.  I’m fortunate to have never been at the point of transferring schools, but have I gone through much grief for being tall? Heck yes.  And I imagine many of you have faced/continue to face bullying, too, for whatever reason (although there should be no ‘reason’ behind bullying; no one deserves to be bullied).   I might be projecting here, but one of the reasons why I was so entranced by the Royal Wedding is that it was the ultimate example is that life is full of extraordinary possibilities beyond bullying and hardship (I’m thinking of Lady Di here), and 5’10 Kate is living proof that tall is pretty wonderful.  As she and William glided down the aisle to greet the cheering throng awaiting them, they looked so elegant and well-matched.  I imagine all her former bullies were quietly eating finger-food-sized humble pie and sipping haterade out of delicate teacups.


So now that we’ve been a spectator to history, let’s go out and make some history ourselves, yes?

Cheers and a regal hand-wave to you,


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