I’m Internet Famous!! (No, Not Quite That Way…)

I made that joke to my parents, and oh were they ever weirded-out!  Almost as bad as the time when my sister and I were joking about downright-uncomfortable possible e-mail addresses, and my dad suddenly piped in with a horrified “Hotmail?  Hotmale.…?”


Anyways!  This news is hotter than a hotmail, and more delightful than a pony waking you up in the morning.  The High Priestess of the Internet, the incomparable Miss Gala Darling, was concocting a series of articles exploring fashion bloggers and body image, and asked her readers for their thoughts.   I was intrigued, as I’ve thought a fair bit about the subject, and so I sent her a ridiculously-rambling e-mail outlining my thoughts on how the diversity at the grassroots level of fashion blogging isn’t being represented or rewarded at a more mainstream, highly visible level, how how the most popular, highly paid bloggers overwhelmingly skew white, slender, young and fairly wealthy, and how the Manic Pixie Dream Girl look that dominates fashion blogging at the moment is just as unattainable as the blonde Hollywood bombshell look.  Miss Darling kindly included my thoughts in her series, and I’d be thrilled if you gave it a read!  I’m honoured to be included with a whole host of thoroughly awesome and badass bloggers.

I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t completely elated and singing Queen songs to myself at the moment!!  Many thanks to Gala and all the other smart ‘n savvy contributors to this series!


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