Mid-Week Dance Party! (March 4th, 2010)

Hi kids!


Wednesday, Schmednesday…Thursday still counts as “mid-week,” right?  It’s long overdue for our mid-week dance party.  My parents are away on vacation, I’m in “charge” of the house (although I had the unfortunate realization that one can’t really be that much in charge if no one else recognizes that I’m in charge…), and the whole scenario has deteriorated into a “Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead” situation.   Except we’re not dead.  We’re dancing. 

Although I wasn’t old enough- -and I certainly wasn’t cool enough- -to realize it at the time, 1994 was a pretty phenomenal year for music.   It’s mind-boggling to think that anything from as recent as 1994 could be considered ”old-school,” yet so many of the artists and songs from that time remain completely fresh.   Let’s pretend we’re at the coolest, least-awkward (if such a thing exists) middle-school dance, shall we?   And we’re sporting our best scrunchies?

Here’s “Can’t You See” by Total, featuring The Notorious B.I.G:

\”Can\’t You See\” – Total, featuring Biggie

Of course, if you have any song recommendations, let me hear them!  What songs are you listening to this week?

Much love,


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