Welcome, Spring Equinox!

Miniature Horse filly with some spring fever

Required viewing for everyone!

Happy, Happy March, everyone! It’s an auspicious month, with a magical Leap Year beginning.  The cautious beginning of Spring, this month has brought everything from steal-your-soul winds to bizarre mid-Summer temperatures.  Fortunately, the weather has tempered back to a damp, slightly chilly, and earthy degree, so we have all the pomp and circumstance befitting the official-putting-away-of-winter-boots and the jubilant-wearing-of-duck-boots-and-wellies.  (I like to imagine this is all set to Cat Stevens’ “Morning Has Broken,” complete with Spring montages of birds trilling, green shoots unfurling, Canadian geese homeward-bound in “Flying V” formation, Stonehenge, allergies, people sweating profusely in too-warm coats, winter hobbit feet on full display in open-toed shoes, and the bright balls of light that are pale, pale limbs seeing the light of day for the first time in months.)

Not to get all yellow-daffodil-level-cliche here, but I really do feel like Spring is good for the soul, and there’s a certain magical sense of possibility and that something glorious and wonderful is really waiting Just Around the Corner.  While Winter carries her own winsome brand of enchantment, Spring is the season that makes one believe that every wonderful thing about the world exists, and is just around the corner.

Not to mention, Spring is Cadbury Creme Egg season in Canada.  In New Zealand, Cadbury Creme Egg season lasts for three months longer, so I was thoroughly spoiled.  Now, I’ve been reduced to being a scavenger, hunting for her next sickly-sweet sugary treasure.  In case you were labouring under the assumption that I could be the sort of person who buys a mountain of Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs, freezes them, and carefully rations them out, you’re labouring wrong.


Do you love Spring, or just like it as a friend?  What are your favourite things about Spring? What sorts of things do you anticipate Spring will bring for you?


Much love and did you know there’s such a thing as Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurries?




3 Responses to “Welcome, Spring Equinox!”

  • Kelly Says:

    Longer afternoons after months of feeling like 5pm is bedtime. Green grass, and the smell of earth (eventhough this year our ground wasn’t covered for any significant amount of time). Birds chirping in the morning, trees budding (although I am slightly alarmed to see that some trees have flowers already – have you peaked too early, dear limbs?), and the fresh air that comes with more time spent outdoors.
    Also… really love the mud puddles. And duck boots.

  • sister from the same mister! Says:

    You have an ad for hunting decoys? Interesting. I got some jelly beans for us–some of which I’ll put on my birthday cake. Yum, jelly beans. Those cadbury creme egg McFlurries were certainly appreciated by the fam.

  • Marissa Cumming Says:

    Wow! I can’t wait to enjoy one of those delicious mcflurry’s next year during the Easter season! Spring is definitely a season filled with endless laughter and exciting new possibilities- not to mention by birthday! :)

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