Why hello, there! (A Welcome, Part II)


The tree comparison can be a nice one, sometimes

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Hello everyone, and welcome to the fourth-ever post to The Height of Life!  (I am now picturing monkeys crashing cymbals.)  I apologize for being so atrociously lax in my writing, and I promise, barring alien invasion or spontaneous barracuda adoption, that you can look forward to regular posts from now on.   Both my trusty computer and I were under virus attack, but we’ve since been de-bugged (tangent alert: what if my computer and I were infected by the same virus?!), and are good to go.   The computer has had to suffer the humiliation of reformatting, and I’m no longer clocking in more hours of bedrest than Colin from “The Secret Garden,” so onwards and upwards!

I figure that it’s high time I introduce The Height of Life.   This website is a celebration of all things kooky and wonderful and random that help make life so great; a celebration to which everyone is invited (and you don’t have to even bring anything, but if you do happen to have some artichoke dip lying around, I’m not going to say no…)

In addition to having a lifestyle-ish element that’s relevant to everyone (what, ramblings about “horses vs ponies vs unicorns” aren’t relevant to us all?!), much like the oh-so-punny title suggests, The Height of Life is also geared to those of us who happen to be taller than average.   I’ve found that it can sometimes feel lonely and alienating to be the token tall person, and I’ve also noticed that when one tall person encounters another, an immediate sense of friendship and familiarity develops.  I’ve found this to be particularly true among tall girls and women.  Aside from a few places scattered across the web, like the excellent tallchicksrock community over at LiveJournal,  there didn’t seem to be very many places where people could come together and share their stories, advice and experiences.    Inspired by the punk rock DIY spirit, I decided that if change wasn’t going to come to me, then I had better make change myself, and so I decided to claim this little corner of the internet as our own.  Consider this the metaphorical staking of the flag.  The idea came to me this past autumn, while I was taking a nap in a parking lot…err…I was in my car, waiting for my sister, if that makes it seem a little less dodgy.  When I woke up, I truly felt like I had a flashing-lightbulb moment, and had to stop myself from galloping down the street, shouting “Eureka!” at the top of my lungs!   With this website, I hope to inspire a sense of solidarity and community, and to discuss the unique and not-so-unique issues that we face.  Although we know we’re not alone, it is still comforting to be reminded of that.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve encountered more ridiculous stereotypes and assumptions about your height to fill up several lifetimes.   Although to be tall is kind of like having a spotlight on you at all times, we’ve somehow been reluctant to command the spotlight for ourselves.    The space tall people, especially tall women, take up in the pop culture imagination is not necessarily from images we’ve created and defined ourselves.    By not speaking up for ourselves, we allow others to do it for us.   The Height of Life is an antidote to “The Attack of the Fifty-Foot Woman,”  “The Jolly Green Giant,” and all the other inanities we encounter, and strives to create and highlight positive representations of tall people in society.  In addition to odes to cheese, tips on the best places to people-watch,  and stories of epic car song and dance routines to one hit wonders while stopped in traffic, you can count on The Height of Life to feature advice on a myriad of things of interest to the tall community, including humour, news, inspiration, medical information, stories, fashion, and sports.    Essentially, The Height of Life is a guide, a reflection, and a celebration of living the high life in a world that is slightly less than. 

The Height of Life is so much more than a one-girl celebration; it’s a community where sharing your diverse thoughts, ideas and suggestions are welcomed and valued.  So hop on in!  We’re listening.  And there might even be some artichoke dip.


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