Things I Love Thursday, March 25, ’10

Conan Forever

Conan Forever

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Ladies and germs, it’s time for Things I Love Thursday!  What is Things I Love Thursday, exactly? Dreamed up by the incomparable Miss Gala Darling, TILT is a weekly exercise in gratitude, in which we remind ourselves of all the wonderful people and things that make up our world.  It’s about feeling grateful and appreciative about all the positive aspects of our lives, exactly as they are.  

Quick!  List five things that you really hate!  Pretty easy, wasn’t it?  Now,  list five things that you really love!   If you’re like me, you probably had to think a bit harder.  Regular participation in the Things I Love Thursday exercise will change all that, and make us more mindful of the joys in our respective lives. TILT is not really about bragging (“My life is sooooo wonderful, so there!”), nor does it involve prancing around in a tra-la-la-sunlit-grainy-photograph-pretty-dress daze, willfully delusional about the existence of suffering and injustice.  It’s just a simple thank you, a love letter to the universe.  Your personal TILT list doesn’t necessarily have to be a profound scroll about each and every special person in your life; it can be as quick as a post-it note about the wonders of Double-Stuf Oreos, the restorative properties of gin or the magic that is your acne medication.   You don’t have to pretend to feel excited over kittens, bunnies, unicorns, hamsters and rainbows, if that’s not your bag.   The purpose of Things I Love Thursday is to remind us about what’s good about our lives, to feel re-inspired and re-energized, and to feel more grateful and content.  It’s just a slight tweak to our current ways of thinking, and brings some pretty positive results.

You may have noticed that the date when this post was written does not match up with the date in which it was posted.  Well done.  That is because I am super-awesome and organized, and did not realize that I actually forgot to post this up until…today.  Well done, me!  Well, between today’s TILT and tomorrow’s, we will be a terrifyingly grateful group of people.   Terrifyingly grateful, I say!

Here is my TILT list, in no particular order:

* Sneaking off with my youngest sister on a spontaneous movie mission, and feasting on movie popcorn (the best kind of popcorn! Sometimes the best part of the movie experience!) and hot dogs for supper!  The movie was much funnier than expected, too.  Although I think Jay Baruchel is pretty damn cute; I don’t know what the movie execs were thinking.  The movie also had some nice messages about self-confidence that managed not to be heavy-handed or cloying.

* Um, looking at Jay Baruchel pictures for the last hour…

* Re-connecting with one of my oldest and dearest friends.  Although we’re able to pick right up where we left off, it was a powerful reminder to me to not take the friendship for granted and to keep in touch more often.  We have the internets, no excuses!

* Mysterious and surprising packages in the mail.  Alright, I exaggerate, since one of them was a credit card bill.  Not terribly mysterious nor surprising, but that’s also for the best.

* Catching up with some other old friends and going to the gym.  At the gym, they worked out while I pranced around (because once I’m actually at the gym, then my work there is practically done…right?).  I also have a nice post-exercise burning feeling…although it might actually be my shin splints acting up again.

*Listening to The Smiths on a rainy day.  Listening to The Smiths on any type of day, for that matter.

* That overwhelming feeling of superiority and triumph when you’ve remembered to take your vitamins for a full week in a row.   I feel like a champion, I tell ya! 

* Waking up one morning and suddenly realizing it’s spring.  Coming soon: the novelty of actually being warm!

Now, it’s your turn, m’dears.  What’s making you feel riled up and exuberant these days?

Much love,


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