Mid-Week Dance Party! March 31,’10


Hey! Ho! Let’s…dance!

I hope these past days have been very dance-worthy for you all, and that you’ve been frolicking in daisy-covered fields like they do in so many prescription drugs and feminine hygiene products commercials.   Well, frolicking in daisy-covered fields, riding horses along the beach, and winking at mysterious yet non-threatening strangers.   Well, sometimes it’s more like they smile shyly at each other, because winking would be too outrageous and something that the wearer of the leading competition would totally do.    Ummm….what?

Anyways, I’ve been finding myself in a pop-punkish mood these days.  Ohhh….nostalgia for the music of those early teenage years.  The sweet strains of Sum 41 piercing our delicate eardrums as we stood around awkwardly in someone’s basement, avoiding eye contact with everyone else, or as we made the half-hour drive to the mall.  Our parents were driving, of course.  Well, The Dollyrots are poised to make the glory days of 2006 happen over again.   Their 2007 single “Because I’m Awesome” is ridiculously infectious and it is scientifically impossible to not dance around when you hear it.  (So just a friendly warning in advance if you don’t like to play air guitar, flip your hair around and pose in the mirror in front of other people: you might want to shut the door).   I’m also a fan of the album cover, which features a bunny wearing a gas mask.  The cheerleader-y “rah rahs” at the end reinforce the importance of being your own cheerleader, so there’s a nougat message about self-esteem wrapped in a delicious chocolate pop-punk shell.     Plus, The Dollyrots are signed to Blackheart Records, so if they have Joan Jett’s stamp of approval, then that’s more than good enough for me. 

The Dollyrots- Because I\’m Awesome

What music is making you do flying split leaps this week?



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