Things I Love Thursday, April 1st ’10

Happy April Fool’s Day, mes poissons d’avrils!  I hope you got up to all sorts of pranks and shenanigans!  It’s time for our very second Things I Love Thursday, no jokes about it!


Here are some of things that are giving me an ear-to-ear grin this week:

* Cadbury Creme Eggs!!  These little bundles of shock-to-your-system sugary goodness are a highlight of the Easter season, and I could eat a million of these in one sitting.  Or at least four of them.  They’re a sugar fiend’s greatest weakness, and greatest opportunity for bragging rights.   Check it: In New Zealand, they have multiple flavours of Cadbury Creme Eggs, including fudge, white chocolate, dark chocolate with peppermint filling, caramello filling… They’re also sold far earlier than in most other countries.  Suffice it to say, I had about four eggs every day for about five months straight- -and I lived there for six months. Forget Lord of the Rings, sheep, drinking and adventure sports; New Zealand needs to be given proper props for their superior selection of Easter chocolate. 

* Letting my youngest sister do my makeup.  Her inspiration was “Vampire Diva Showgirl.”  Yes.  There were tears (mine), there was laughter (hers).  

* Wedding invitations that include the word “libations.”  Yes.   My kind of wedding.

* Prancing around in sparkly purple leggings!

* Gearing up for Easter celebrations, and finally having the weather to match.  I’m expecting to see a pastel-coloured wonderland this weekend!

Now it’s your turn!  What splendid and spectacular things have been happening to you this week?

Cheers and Easter hats to you! 


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