Why yes, I always pose in front of mountains like this.  Why do you ask?

Since she’s created and largely inhabited her own little imaginary world for as long as she can remember, it’s high time that Kylie Cumming (yes, yes, that’s her real name) joined the ranks of dreamers and internet fiends.  Described as “a unicorn in human form” (one of her most treasured compliments), Kylie is flailingly enthusiastic about most everything, and wanted to share her musings, adventures and discoveries with other kindred spirits.  In addition to swooning over anything and everything beautiful, ridiculous and strange, she also has an MA in War Studies.  Frickin’ cool? Yes.  Super-employable? No.  Basically, Kylie’s probably one of the few people who could talk your ear off about both the antics of the Kardashian family and, say, the aftermath of genocide denial with equal weight.   Wierd? Probably.  Always makes great conversation at random times and places?  Certainly. 

Having undergone an impressive two-part growth spurt, and being the product of two lanky ectomorphs, Kylie has been a Professional Tall Person since the age of fifteen.   She gamely tries to see it all as a grand anthropology experiment, but has noted that it’s kinda difficult to be both the scientist and the subject.  In the tradition of “writing about what you know,” she hopes The Height of Life will be a fantastic source of advice, entertainment, news, inspiration, and community for all those who are a bit taller than the average bear, and also for all those who have an inkling that they might not be so conventional.   The Height of Life is an ongoing love letter to the people we were, the people we are and to the people we’re becoming.

Kylie Cumming is well aware that she sounds pretty frickin’ creepy speaking in the third person, but would like to point out that it would be even creepier if she wasn’t consistent with it for the entire “About Me” page. 

For enquiries, comments, suggestions, freelance writing gigs, and the like, please hit me up at kyliejcumming@gmail.com.  For everlasting Facebook friendship, contact me here.

Much love and pecan pie (although I love cake equally as much),